5 Household Items Made From Plastic Bags

It is easy to get a stockpile of plastic bags but with these 5 Household Items Made From Plastic Bags you can do a step better than just recycling them, they can be upcycled into new and useful items!  Some of these household items you will have to look twice to see that they are made from plastic bags!

If you are interested in reusing and reducing the impact on the environment there is a great book called the Zero Waste Home which we can highly recommend.  We also have some other posts on reusing plastic in your crafts, such as plastic bottle caps and yogurt pots.

5 Household Items Made From Plastic Bags

1. Plastic Bag Placemats

DIY Plastic bag placemats

These gorgeous placemats are crocheted out of plarn which is made from plastic bags. Head over to Creative Jewish Mom to find instructions on how to make plarn as well as these stunning placemats. Vary the placemat design by varying the colors of the bags used.

2. Storage Basket


These baskets are great for so many things such as storing toys, an office wastebasket or if you have a slightly messy family (my hand’s up) they are great to have on hand for that quick ‘where do I put this item’ clean up.  They can be made any size needed and are very easy to make. Click here for the full tutorial.

3. Plastic Bag Doormat


Every home needs a doormat so why not make your own one from plastic bags! This doormat is washable so very practical for all of your muddy shoes. The crocheted pattern can be found here.

4. Floor Rug


This floor rug is made by using the braiding technique which is an easier alternative to crocheting (for those of us who struggle to crochet anyway). You need to have 150+ plastic bags for a rug similar to this one. Click here to see how it’s done.

5. Amazing Plastic Bag Lamp

Amazing Plastic Bag Lamp

I can hardly believe that this beautiful lampshade is made from plastic bags! This is guaranteed to brighten up any room. Click here to read more about this lovely lamp.


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