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Matariki worksheets for kids

Free Matariki Worksheets

As the winter chill settles in, a significant celestial event brings warmth and excitement to the hearts of people in the southern hemisphere. Matariki,...
Matariki Star Craft

Matariki Star Cricut Project

Get your Cricut ready for this stunning Matariki Star Cricut Project which is perfect to make to celebrate Matariki. These stars are simple to...
paper shooting star craft

Flying Paper Shooting Star

Learn how to make a flying paper shooting star. These shooting stars are lots of fun for kids to make and to play with!...
cardboard star wand craft

Recycled Cardboard & Magazine Star Wands

Kids are sure to have a blast making these fun and easy Recycled Cardboard & Magazine Star Wands! We are getting ready to celebrate...
The Seven Sisters of Matariki Star Printable

The Seven (9) Sisters of Matariki Star Printable

To celebrate and learn about Matariki we have made this Seven (9) Sisters of Matariki Star Printable. Matariki is the Māori name for the...