Yarn threading spider craft

Paper Plate Yarn Spiders

Take one paper plate and make two different spiders with this paper plate yarn spiders tutorial. This is a fun craft activity that kids of all ages will love.

You may have noticed that we have gone little spider mad lately. It wasn’t that long ago that we shared our foil art spiders. The kids are loving spiders because of Halloween and I am loving spiders because spider crafts are just so easy! If a craft is easy to set up and fun for the kids, then it scores extra points with me!

The first spider that we are showing you how to make today is a threading craft spider. Threading crafts are great for developing fine motor skills. The second spider craft has been made from the circle cut out from the paper plate. This spider has been made by wrapping yarn around the edge of the cardboard circle. Both of these spiders are lots of fun to make and are perfect to make as a Halloween craft or to make alongside a study on spiders. Or just because you love spiders!

Paper Plate Yarn Spiders

Threading and yarn wrapped spider craft

You Will Need:

These spiders require very few resources, so few that the two spiders are made from just one plate! A note on the paper plates, the thicker paper plates are much better for this craft. Sure, it can be done with a more bendable paper plate but you will need to be much more careful. For younger children especially try to get thick and sturdy paper plates.

To make the threading easier you may also want some tape to tape the end of the yarn.

Get Crafting

Threading and yarn wrapped spider craft


Gather all of your supplies. It is best to set up the craft before inviting kids to take part in this activity. This means you can take your time to trace out and cut the circles with a craft knife before you have kids bursting to get crafting.

Trace a circle in the center of your paper plate. The circle should be fairly large so the spiders do not get too fiddly for little hands. Carefully cut around the edge of the circle with the craft knife. Press the circle out. This circle will be used for the yarn wrapped spiders.

With the hole punch, punch holes around the edge of the open circle. For younger children create fewer holes. On the pressed out circle hole punch 8 holes (4 on each side) for the legs and then attach the pipe cleaner legs.

Your spiders are now prepped for the crafting fun to start.

Paper Plate Threading Spider

Threading and yarn wrapped spider craft

Let’s start with the paper plate threading spider.

Cut off a long length of yarn. Younger children or children who have not had much experience with threading will benefit from having a shorter length of yarn. An extra length of yarn can be added if needed. Thread the yarn through and knot onto one of the holes. To make the threading easier use a bit of tape on the loose end of the yarn, this will make it much easier to get the yarn through the holes.

This spider can be made for either side of the plate. We made spiders using the front and back of the plate and found the back to be easier for long spider legs!

Start threading! This doesn’t have to be done in any set order, make it random and have fun. We went around the circle edge to make it a more defined circle. This was done randomly as we threaded the yarn making the spider’s body. When finished tie off the yarn. Add another length of yarn if needed.

Cut some pipe cleaners to size for the legs. We used red pipe cleaners and wrapped some extra yarn around each leg to make them blend with the spider’s body but this is entirely up to you. It would be fun to have 8 legs in all different colors! Press the legs in one of the holes that the yarn was threaded through. Bend gently at the back of the spider.

Glue on your googly eyes.

Threading and yarn wrapped spider craft

Yarn Wrapped Spider

Don’t throw away the circle cut out for your threading spider instead make it into an adorable yarn wrapped spider. You can find the set-up directions above under the heading, set-up. Once you have prepped the yarn wrapped spider it is time to get wrapping.

The legs will be attached but the body will be bare. Tie a length of yarn onto the sider body through one of the holes. Wrap the yarn around the body until all of the yarn has been wrapped. Knot the yarn so it doesn’t come unraveled. Glue on the googly eyes.

Threading and yarn wrapped spider craft

Fun Spider Facts

  • Spiders have 8 legs while other insects have 6.
  • Spiders don’t have antennae while insects do.
  • Most spiders have eight eyes, but some have less.
  • Spiders are not insects but arachnids.
  • Other members of the arachnid family include scorpions, mites, ticks, and harvestmen.
  • Spiders are found on every continent of the world except Antarctica.
  • Most spiders make silk which they use to create spider webs and capture prey.
  • Spiders have two body segments.
  • Most spiders are not dangerous to humans.

Find out more about spiders at Discover Wildlife.

Threading and yarn wrapped spider craft

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