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Sew A Felt Narwhal

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Sew a felt narwhal with our free narwhal sewing guide. This is an easy sewing project that is perfect for beginner sewers. All you need to do is print the printable, cut out the pattern and trace around them onto felt. Cut out the pieces and sew it all together. It really is that easy!

This was a fun afternoon activity that I did with Miss 5 and Miss 8 this week. Miss 8 could make her narwhal independently however Miss 5 needed some help. We kept this narwhal felt sewing project simple so even the most beginner sewer can make their own super adorable narwhal.

Sew A Felt Narwhal

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DIY felt narwhal

Sew one or sew an entire narwhal family, it’s up to you! Enlarge the pattern, using your printer settings and make a large narwhal or keep them small and cute.

You Will Need

Printable pattern

How To Make A Felt Narwhal

Sew a felt narwhal

Felt Pieces

Start by printing the printable pattern. Cut the narwhal pattern out so you have a base body piece, horn, the two flippers and the heart cut out in individual pieces.

You will need x2 base body pieces, x2 horns, x2 flippers and x1 heart in total. If you want you can also make some felt eyes by cutting x2 small circles from the felt. To make these pieces place the printable cutouts onto the colored felt of your choice and draw around with a felt pen. It is possible to draw around the one body piece and then fold the felt over to double it up and cut your two pieces out together. Children will find it easier to draw out each piece rather than double the felt up.

If you are helping a child to make their felt narwhal check that their felt pieces are even. If they do not match up correctly they will be very difficult to sew! Trim the pieces so the body and the horn are both identical. For younger children, it may be better to get them to trace around the pieces and for an adult to cut them out.

felt DIY narwhal


If you are unfamiliar with the different stitches Mignon Prider Design has a great photo tutorial on all of the stitches you will need to make your narwhal. We will be using a basic running stitch, blanket stitch, and a double running or backstitch for the face detailing.

Start with the front body piece. Thread your needle and sew the heart on the narwhal body using a basic running stitch. Use this same stitch to attach the felt eyes. Create a mouth using a double running or backstitch. Children may rather draw on a face with a pen or sew on buttons for the eyes.

You can see in the photo below our girls drew on the narwhals face. This is a great option if you are wanting to simplify the project for young children. It lets them create their own narwhal without an adult doing most of the work.

Kids narwhal

To the back body piece sew on the flippers, one to each side using the basic running stitch. If you have already sewn these to the front body piece, don’t worry, front or back will work as it all get sewn together in the end.

Place the horn pieces together and sew using a blanket stitch.

Place the horn at the top of the narwhals head in between the front and back body pieces, right sides facing out. Using a basic running stitch sew the horn and the two body pieces together. When you reach the end of the horn continue around the body sewing with a blanket stitch. Once you reach the flippers switch over to the basic running stitch, continuing with the blanket stitch once you are past this section.

Put a small offcut of felt into the tail once you sew this section to stuff it. Continue up the narwhal and leave a gap before reaching the top. Stuff with stuffing or felt scraps and then continue sewing with blanket stitch until you reach the top of the horn where you started sewing.

You have now completed your narwhal. Well done! I bet it is super cute!

DIY felt narwhal with PDF

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