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10 Brilliant Free Toy Knitting Patterns

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10 Brilliant Free Toy Knitting Patterns that we know you are sure to love. Today we have found knitting patterns for beginners and others for the more experienced knitter, finger knitting, and spool knitting so something for everyone! From Big Pig to Mini Mermaids there is a great selection of different toys that are all knitted.

If you need a brush-up on how to knit then check out our Beginners Guide To Knitting. This is a great article to go back to that covers all of the basics that you need to know. Some of the patterns below also have tutorials, such as for finger-knitting. If you see a style of knitting you are unsure of click through to the link as you may find it is simpler than you think.

10 Brilliant Free Toy Knitting Patterns

1. Mini Mermaids

easy knitted mermaid

How adorable are these mini mermaids?! Even better this pattern uses only knit and purl which makes it perfect for beginner knitters. We just love how the tail can be removed to make these mermaids ready for life on land. Get the free pattern over at Red Ted Art.

2. Spool Knitted Bracelet

knitted bracelet

A great spool knitting project. These bracelets are fun to make for yourself or as a special friendship bracelet. Make it in one, two, or three different colors. Such fun for children that are starting out of their knitting journey. Head over to Needle Pointers to find out more.

3. Knitted Monkey

10 Brilliant Free Toy Knitting Patterns- knitted monkey

Such a cute monkey that animal-loving kids will adore. This wee monkey even comes with its own dress and knickers! Get the pattern over at Craft Bits.

4. Finger Knitted Snakes

finger knitted snakes

Another great and simple knitted toy from Red Ted Art. This time a finger-knitted snake! We know these snakes will be well-loved. There is even a video for anyone who is new to finger knitting and wants to learn how it is done.

5. Square Ted

square ted

If you can knit a square then you can knit this Ted! Such a cute and fun beginner knitting pattern. This is a great one that kids can make once they have learned the basics of knitting as it isn’t overly complicated but the results are something they will be really proud of. Head over to Gina Michele to find out more.

6. Knitted Penguin

knitted penguin

A lovely penguin pattern that is a great choice for anyone who has had some knitting experience. This knitting pattern by Craft Bits shows you how to knit a 9-inch penguin.

7. Knitted Easter Eggs

Knitted eggs

These knitted easter eggs are perfect as a non-chocolaty easter treat! Kids will love role-playing games with these lovely eggs. They would also be perfect to play as a hide-and-seek type of game. Visit Sustain My Craft Habit to get the free pattern.

8. Chick and Nest Pattern

Knitted Chick

How cute, a little yellow chick complete with its own nest! This is a quick knitting project for experienced knitters and an achievable one for people who know how to knit but still need a little practice. Although perfect for Easter this little chick is also great throughout the year. Click here to find out more.

9. Knitted Gosling Pattern

10 Brilliant Free Toy Knitting Patterns- Gosling

This cute gosling reminds me of the Ty Beanie Boos toys which are super popular with our girls! Now you can knit your own version with this gosling pattern. Craft Bits has the free pattern.

10. Big Pig

10 Brilliant Free Toy Knitting Patterns- Big Pig

Why make a little pig when you can make a BIG pig! This big pig is totally cool and sure to be loved by all. Head over to Purl Soho to get the pattern.

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