5 DIY Emoji Themed Piñatas to Rock Your Party Decor

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These 5 DIY emoji themed piñatas to rock your party decor are perfect for any birthday or special event, especially if there are lots of children! These emoji piñatas are fun and easy to make and will help to transform your party into one that is remembered. Once made the piñatas can be finned with candies and treats and then the game begins!

Making these emoji piñatas only requires certain items which are usually available in every house such as, cardboard, crepe paper, and some string. Deciding the type of emoji that will be portrayed on the Pinata is entirely your decision. Let’s explore the interesting ways of making an emoji piñata for the little ones around. The tutorials linked below have the complete step-by-step instructions to guide you well.

A guest post from our friends over at Ideas 4 DIY. 

5 DIY Emoji Themed Piñatas to Rock Your Party Decor

5 DIY emoji themed pinatas

1. DIY Valentine’s Day Emoji Piñata Gift Box

emoji pinata DIY

This handmade piñata gift box surely takes some of your time, but you can add numerous elements to it to make it special. Once your cardboard piñata box is ready, you just need to fill it with your gift supplies and confetti to make a colorful shower. Full tutorial found over at Brite and Bubbly.

2. Smile Emoji Piñata

DIY emoji pinata

Kid’s love the emoji theme and making emoji piñatas would excite them to the hilt. You can try making popular emoji expressions on the piñatas and make numerous mini piñatas to decorate your party. The main items needed to make this smile emoji is cardboard, crepe paper, and a string. A little craft time will leave you with out of the world piñatas! Try making these with your kids for a fun time. Source: Buzzfeed.

3. Cool & Scared Emoji

DIY emoji Pinata

Showcase your craft skills with these lovely piñatas hanging from the ceiling, ready to burst into candies, collectibles, and confetti. You can choose to make bigger piñatas or small mini ones depending on your décor. Make Make Co has the step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of making this cute piñata.

4. Heart Face Emoji Piñata

Heart Face Emoji DIY Pinata

Making these bright heart emoji piñatas will surely add life to any party. They look fun and quirky and will totally rock your party décor. Decorating the pinata which involves cutting the crepe/tissue paper strips takes some time, but you will love the end product which will get a smile on your kid’s face. Source: Casually Living Blogspot.

5. Mini Emoji Piñata

mini emoji pinata

These mini emoji piñatas are perfect for little kids who can’t run to collect the treats. You can make these small piñatas for each kid and hand them out at the party or after as a party favor. This will surely excite the kids who will be happy to burst these wonderful piñatas and enjoy the gifts and use the piñatas too. Head over to I Spy DIY to read the full tutorial.

I hope you like these adorable emoji piñata ideas for your party décor. You can easily adapt these tutorials to make any emoji you desire. Try making one of these and do share your creations with us in the comment section below.

This is a guest post by Rhea from Ideas 4 DIY. Check them out for more great DIY and craft ideas!

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