5 Free Christmas Learning Printables

Christmas is the season of fun! Fit in a bit of fun learning with these 5 free Christmas learning printables. These printables are great for younger children to help with early learning. From counting to letter recognition and image matching these Christmas worksheets are perfect for most kids between the ages of 3 and 8.

We have made a series of color and match Christmas printables to suit a range of learning abilities. Children in the pre-reading stage will enjoy matching the image printable. Early literacy learners will love the match the letter to the image with the written word. For children who have started reading there is a color and match printable matching the word to the image.

These Christmas math printables are fun for kids of all ages. Count and color the Christmas items on the worksheets. Lots of Christmas learning fun!

5 Free Christmas Learning Printables

Christmas learning printables

1. Color And Match Image Printable

Draw a line to the matching Christmas image and then color in the worksheet. A simple and fun worksheet for our youngest children that will also be enjoyed by older kids.

2. Color And Match Christmas Letter Printable

Ready to learn letters, shapes, and sounds? Sound out the letters and draw a line to match them to the correct Christmas image. The written word is next to the image which can be covered over with a piece of paper for children who don’t need this extra clue.

3. Color & Match Christmas Word Printable

Read the words in the center and match to the correct Christmas image. Color the images to complete this learning Christmas worksheet.

4. How Many Search & Count

Count and color each of the Christmas images. Write how many of the matching images in the boxes at the top of the printable. Once all of the images have been counted it is time to figure out which image has the most and which image has the least.

5. How Many Ornaments On The Tree

A slightly simpler counting printable. Count each image on the tree and write how many of each next to the matching picture. Color in the Christmas tree and add some more hand-drawn ornaments to complete this fun worksheet.

Fun Christmas Activity Books

If you are looking for more Christmas fun then check out these great activity books!

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Christmas learning printables

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