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Business Setup: Handmade goods on Instagram

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How to create and run a successful Handmade goods business in 4 easy steps!

Having a creative business on Instagram is a multifold role. And when it comes to self-expression, we usually only have ourselves to rely on.

Handmade goodies have always been welcome on social media in general. Many people like a human and sincere touch when looking for handmade jewelry for example. Instagram has become a great source for all our businessmen and women out there.

In this blog, we would like to show you how to set up your business the right way. If you are a proud owner and creator of some amazing handmade products – this one is just for you! 

Business Setup: Handmade goods on Instagram

Business Setup: Handmade goods on Instagram

We want to jump straight into it, so here are the main points:

  • Boost your follower game
  • Give your Bio a makeover
  • Schedule your posts
  • Prep and choose the right hashtags 

The More Folks, The Merrier

You don’t have to be an Instagram Einstein to figure this one out. The number of real and organic followers you have can determine the success of your online business. In other words, this step shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Practicing effort is probably your strongest weapon in this battle for followers. Effort in creating amazing content. Responding to all your customers and taking constructive feedback is important too. Staying active and overall, creating a positive vibe for the community. 

That’s making an effort.

However, many people just don’t have the time of day for that kind of commitment. Here enters Flock Social.

All that effort we’ve been discussing is Flock Social. They are an all-in-one kind of deal. Organic followers are the norm with them…Plus, you’d get loads of engagement, a better reach, and a loyal community of potential customers.

We don’t know about you, but that sure does sound worth the effort?! 

Time For A Bio Makeover

What’s a good product without a proper introduction? 

Instagram Bios is a great way for you to introduce your company to the community. Especially if you sign up with Flock Social. You’ll have many new faces, so better show them around! 

It’s important to sync your company’s name and your username. Have a memorable profile picture too!

Many folks love emojis and tasteful spacing on Instagram Bios. Spoon-fed information is more likely to stick with people – resulting in a follow or even a website visit. 

Speaking of which, never forget to include your website link. Instagram creates so much traffic, so redirect that towards your site! 

And lastly, the little wording game usually played with an engaging quote. Whatever floats your boat is the winner here. You know your business best, so choose your words wisely!

Schedule Your Posts

Instagram business tips

Knowing when your audience is most likely to engage with your posts is insanely important. This gives you insight on when to post more! 

Simply check your Insights on the app. But keep in mind that this feature only works on Business Accounts! 

You’ll have an overview of all vital information, including your audience’s activity. So, work your posting schedule around that! 

Hashtags are a Life-Saver

Since you own a specific handmade goods business, you need to choose your hashtags around that. 

Try to pick a mixture of popular and rare hashtags to improve the chances of getting discovered. 

Plus, keeping them in your niche (handmade jewelry for example), will only attract the people who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

In other words, potential customers! 

Here’s an example of a popular hashtag: #HandmadeJewelry – which has almost 20million posts. 

And a rare version of that is #HandmadeJewelryNewYork – which only has 95 posts!

If you add your location like in the example above, you’ll improve your targeting too. So, include both!


In the end, putting in effort for your handmade goods business is the best way to set it up. Instagram for business sure takes a lot of time to build. Luckily, services like Flock Social are right underneath your nose when you need a helping hand. 

Let us know if these steps helped you and your beautiful business! 

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