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DIY Chicken Wire Halloween Ghost

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Do you want to get festive for the Halloween season but don’t want to buy new decorations? This DIY chicken wire Halloween ghost is a unique DIY project that you can easily make and it requires only a few things. Not only you but your neighbours will love this spooky but cute Halloween ghost levitating in front of your house.

DIY Chicken Wire Halloween Ghost

Chicken wire ghost

To make this outdoor Halloween ghost decoration you’ll only need chicken wire, tulle fabric, and some bits and bobs that you probably have at home. 

You Will Need

  • 20in * 32ft chicken wire (0.5 inch hole size)
  • Wirecutter
  • Plier
  • Safety gloves
  • 6.5 * 10ft piece of tulle fabric
  • 5ft long wire (this should come with your fence)
  • A piece of black fabric
  • Scissors

Let’s Make A Ghost!

Now that you have your supplies you’ll only need to follow these simple steps while looking at the illustrations in the guide. A great photo step-by-step guide is also featured below the instructions.

1. Prepare your supplies. Take the chicken wire, your safety gloves, the wire cutter, a plier, and prepare the white tulle fabric.

2. Cut an 11ft long piece of chicken wire and fold it in half.

3. Take an object close to the shape of a head and place it to the fold. Mold the wire to the shape of the object.

4. Now your ghost has a head. Put its body aside and move to the next step.

5. Cut the remaining chicken wire into 2 pieces and fold each one in half.

6. At the fold, bend the wire in the shape of an arm. Then bend the sides mimicking the shape of the ghost’s waist. Repeat it with the other piece mirroring the first one. 

7. Place the 2 new pieces to each side of the body.

8. Cut into the holes at the sides of the two new pieces and attach them to the body’s side by wrapping the hanging wire pieces to the outside row.

9. The new pieces should be the extensions of the body’s sides. Repeat this step for each of the 4 sides, until no sides are left hanging, and the pieces of wire are each other’s continuation.

10. Fold a little section of the bottom so that the structure will have a harder base, and become more stable.

11. Take a 1.5m piece of wire and twist it around the ghost’s waist.

12. Tighten the wire as much as you’d like to – this will define how thin the ghost’s waist will be.

13. If you want your ghost to have a face, you can glue some pieces of black fabric onto the head to create it.

14. It is time to put your ghost up.

15. Cover your wire ghost with the tulle fabric. Adjust it to your liking and if you wish, decorate it with some pumpkins.

DIY Chicken wirre ghost

Happy crafting and have a Spooktacular Halloween!

Author Bio:
Timi teamed up with WireFence to put together this guide for everyone who wants to have a unique decoration for Halloween. As a DIY lover, she likes to try out new projects and a chicken wire ghost seemed like just the perfect thing to make.

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  1. Atti October 22, 2020 at 7:32 pm - Reply

    Very lovely, we have made this with the children and they totally loved it !

    • Kelly Sanderson October 27, 2020 at 10:43 am - Reply

      That is great to hear. Hope you have a lovely Halloween!

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