How To Match Colors

How to match colors comes naturally to some while others really struggle. Use these color matching resources when decorating a room, choosing clothes or with your arts and crafts. If you think it works then go with it but if you ever stop and wonder ‘does this work’ then read on to learn more about color matching.

How To Match Colors

1. Learn The Basics Of Color

Life Hacker refreshes our knowledge on the color wheel and how to use it to pick matching colors. Learn the basics of color using the color wheel method by clicking here. 

2. Basics And Inspiration

Decor Love expands on the color wheel and shows real life home decor examples in this fantastic article here. They also suggest using base pieces such as a rug, wallpaper or art as the starting point for the perfect color palate. Starting with a base piece which you already love is a simple way to work out what will work best in any room.

3. Color Generator


Search online for color generators to find the perfect color combination. This color generation by Seeds is fun to use, simply select from one of their main colors and a range of matching color combinations is shown along with a beautiful image demonstrating the colors in real life.

Alternatively, try the Resene Color Palette generator. Upload an image of an item that you are wanting to get a color match on and then click the ‘Generate’ button. A color palette will be created based on the most common colors that occur in the image and tell you what proportion (%) of the palette they are to help give you an idea of the color balance. This is a dream tool for anyone who needs help matching colors!

4. Color And Clothing

The same color matching principles apply to clothing as it does decor and any other area where you match color. Cosmopolitan explores color matching with clothing and has some great suggestions such as finding a print from that you love and break it down into its different colors; then make an outfit. Read more color matching tips here. 

5. Matching Paint To A Room

Changing the color of paint in a room is a simple way to update the entire look of a room but it can take time and cost money if you need to redo it if you don’t like the color. Working within tones, creating a mood board and considering proportions are all covered in this article as well as working with the existing room. Click here to read the full article. 

6. Color And Decorating Tips For Every Room

It is one thing to know how to match colors but another entirely to know what colors work best in what room and which colors to use to give the desired feel in a space. The Spruce is a great resource for all of your color and decorating needs. Here they focus on each room and provide lots of helpful tips to get that room right.

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