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Rag Bag/ Scrap Fabric Toilet Paper Pumpkins

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There isn’t an easier fall craft out there than rag bag/ scrap fabric toilet paper pumpkins! Seriously, these are so easy that they are made in a matter of minutes or seconds if your fabric is prepared and ready to go!

Toilet paper pumpkins have been around for ages but because we love super simple and affordable DIY craft and decorating projects we just had to share it. Take one toilet paper roll, add scrap fabric and a twig and you have yourself an adorable pumpkin to decorate your home with. The best part is once you are done with them you can break down your pumpkins, use the loo paper and then remake them again next year!

Rag Bag/ Scrap Fabric Toilet Paper Pumpkins

toilet paper and fabric pumpkins

You Will Need

These are so simple and are able to be made with supplies found around your home. We used a balsa wood dowel mainly because I didn’t want to look twigs in the rain. You could make your pumpkin stalk from pipe cleaners or even use cinnamon sticks but branches and twigs also work really well.

We have a massive bag reg bag just waiting to be turned into crafts. This bag is mostly made out of old clothing that either have stains, holes or have been worn so much that they aren’t suitable to be passed on to a new owner. To make these pumpkins old tops were used. You will need enough fabric to wrap around your toilet rolls. If you don’t have any old clothes ready for a pumpkin transformation try sewing smaller fabric scraps together.

Let’s Get Started

toilet paper pumpkins

Select the scrap fabric that you are wanting to use. Grab your toilet roll and cut your fabric to size. You are wanting enough fabric so when the toilet roll is sitting in the center of the fabric it can be wrapped up around the toilet paper roll to cover the entire roll. Don’t worry if there is too much as you can trim it back or fold it down to the correct size.

We used old tops for all of our scrap fabric toilet paper pumpkins. To prepare I cut off the arms and down one side so an open rectangle shape remained. From there I simply folded the fabric rectangle to the correct size.

toilet paper pumpkins

If you are wanting a rounder pumpkin then unwide the toilet paper a bit and then loosely wind back up and scrunch it a little as you go. We kept our toilet rolls as they were so this is entirely up to you.

Place the toilet paper roll in the center of your fabric. Bring the fabric up and around the toilet paper roll and press down into the center hole. Your toilet paper roll should now be entirely covered in fabric.

Insert your cut dowel, stick or whatever you have decided to use as your pumpkin stalk into the center of the toilet roll where you have pressed the fabric into.

Tie a ribbon around the pumpkin stalk.

How easy was that!

scrap fabric toilet paper pumpkins

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scrap fabric toilet paper pumpkins

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Rag bag toilet paper pumpkin craft

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