No-Sew T-shirt Cushion

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It is so easy to make a no-sew t-shirt cushion and the perfect way to use a favorite t-shirt you can’t part with. Keep that t-shirt forever with this fun no-sew project. The best part? No sewing machine is required!

No-Sew T-shirt Cushion

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Every now and then one of our girls develops such a big love for an old t-shirt. These shirts normally feature some cute animal design that simply can not be parted with. This is fine but as you can imagine we do not have space to keep all sorts of old t-shirts. Now with this no-sew t-shirt cushion tutorial, we have a use for all of these old t-shirts! Kids and parents both winning!

This is so simple that older kids can make their own cushions. Perfect to keep them busy and a great way to decorate their bedrooms.

Materials Needed

Let’s Get Creative

Start by gathering all of the materials needed.

Lay out the t-shirt on a hard flat surface. Cut off the arms and bottom seam of the t-shirt. For this cushion, you will need to cut out a large circle. If there is an image on your t-shirt you ideally want to leave about a 4cm gap free around the edge of the image. If there is an image and you can not leave the 4cm margin just keep in mind that your circle will have snips around the edge where the loose ends will be tied together. Cut out the circle in your desired size.

Make sure the front and back of the t-shirt are matching and start snipping strips approximately 4cm in length (a little shorter is okay, it will just be trickier to tie the knots) and 1cm wide around the edge of the circle.

Once all of the fringe has been cut it is time to start tieing it together. To do this take two matching loose ends and tie a simple double knot so both pieces of t-shirt fabric have been joined. Continue this until 3/4 of your cushion has been tied.

Fill the cushion/ pillow up with fiber fill and continue to tie the loose ends together until all ends are tied. If needed trim the ends until you are happy with the way your pillow/ cushion is looking.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making this no-sew t-shirt cushion today!

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