Types Of Sound Dampening Curtains and How They Work

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Many might think having thick walls is enough to block unwanted sound from coming into their homes. However, windows are still a way for sound to come in. Curtains are actually present not just to cover your untinted windows, but also in dampening out excessive sound from outside.

We may be unaware of it but apart from giving privacy and blocking out extra sunlight from coming into your homes, curtains are very much functional in assisting to get rid of unnecessary noise. Yet, how do we choose the best soundproof curtain and how do they really work? Today we are going to look at the types of sound dampening curtains and how they work.

Types Of Sound Dampening Curtains and How They Work

Considering the Thickness First

One of the best things to consider when buying soundproof curtains is the thickness of the fabric. Every curtain has a different thickness so always look for the fabric with several layers on it.

The thickness of the fabric can block sound from in and out of your room thus giving the room more privacy than usual. Every layer blocks out sound gradually, which decreases sound as it passes through it.

Velvet Fabrics

Another thing to check when buying a soundproof curtain is the type of fabric you are buying. More than just the number of layers, you also need to consider the types of fabric for your curtains. One of the best curtain fabrics to consider are velvet fabrics.

The thick and textured composition of velvet fabrics makes it very functional when you want to block sound from the outside. The textured weave of velvet fabrics decreases the frequency of sound that comes from the outside thus assisting also in gradually dampening unnecessary sound layer by layer. This is also the reason why velvet fabrics are very much used in hotels because apart from blocking too much sunlight, it also is best in giving a private atmosphere for guests.

Polyester and Cotton

If you’re not into velvet fabrics, you can also try a combination of thick polyester and cotton fabrics. Polyester and cotton combined together can be thick but also breathable. It may appear thin but it is also good in blocking out sound.

Heavy microfiber is an excellent choice in making soundproof curtains especially when triple-weave technology is used. With this, it’s also best to consider polyester with cotton in your choices of curtain fabrics when you want to have a functional soundproof curtain for your home.

It must also be taken into account that soundproof curtains are not actually soundproof. This means that it does not entirely block sound but only assists in decreasing the frequency of sound coming and out of homes. Hence, it must not be marketed as something that fully blocks out noise but rather an added accessory to our homes for noise reduction.

To Sum Up

Curtains have been a huge part of every household anywhere in the world. Aside from the aesthetics, curtains can also assist in giving your home peace and quiet most especially for those living in cities. Yet, one must always remember to consider the type, thickness, and weave before buying soundproof curtains. It must also be taken into account that soundproof curtains can only assist in the reduction of noise, not entirely a noise-blocking fabric.

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