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5 Fun Umbrella Crafts

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Have a great time with your kids with these 5 fun umbrella crafts. Umbrella crafts are perfect to do alongside a study on the weather. They are colorful and lots of fun and perfect for a wide range of ages. Today’s crafts feature umbrellas made from paper plates, cupcake liners, magazines, and even a super fun activity where you paint the inside of an actual umbrella! Also included is our bonus free printable, U is for Umbrella coloring page, perfect for your child to complete while you are setting up the umbrella craft.

5 Fun Umbrella Crafts

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5 fun umbrella crafts

1. Paper Plate Umbrella

5 Fun Umbrella Crafts- paper plate umbrella

Use a paper plate to create this amazing umbrella by Learn Craft Grow. Add color, some tissue paper, and yarn and you have yourself this amazing paper plate umbrella!

2. Magazine Umbrella Craft

magazine umbrella craft

Made using a free umbrella printable template, a cardboard box, and an old magazine this is a fun umbrella craft that will keep everyone busy! Even included is a free umbrella count and color page. Follow this link to find out more.

3. Tissue Paper Umbrella

5 Fun Umbrella Crafts

Such a simple yet fun umbrella craft that suits kids of all ages. Draw the shape of an umbrella then decorate with scrunched-up tissue paper. Add on the raindrops and the umbrella handle with paint. Found over at Magic Of Motherhood.

4. Rainbow Painted Umbrella

painted umbrella

It is totally possible to paint the inside of an umbrella! Imagine the delight of seeing your own, or your child’s amazing painted creation every time you open the umbrella. Visit Tikkido to find out how to create your own painted umbrella.

5. Cupcake Liner Umbrellas

cupcake liner umbrella craft

Another quick and easy umbrella craft that suits all ages. Fold a cupcake liner in half, add on a pipe cleaner, and some fingerprint paint raindrops to create this fun umbrella craft. Found on Instagram at Quiet Book Queen.

Coloring Printable

umbrella coloring page free

Print out and have fun coloring this U is for Umbrella coloring page. Add in a person holding the umbrella for extra fun! To print simply click the link below or download to save for later.

Extra Umbrella Crafts

Looking for more umbrella fun? Check out these great items below avaliable to purchase (affilate links).

  • White Parasols– These paper parasols are fantastic to decorate with stickers, jewels, paint, and more.
  • Wood Umbrella Buttons– Adorable wood buttons that are great for use with all sorts of different craft projects.
  • Umbrella Stamp– Use this umbrella stamp to decorate all sorts of different things.
  • Wood Umbrella Cutout– These wood umbrella cutouts are perfect to decorate as a unique piece of wall art.

Other Fun Crafts To Try

Thank you for visiting today. We hope you found a fun umbrella craft to do today!

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