18 Fun DIY Bird Arts & Crafts

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Calling all young nature enthusiasts and budding crafters! Are you ready to spread your wings and embark on a colorful journey into the avian world? In this exciting blog post, we’re diving into the enchanting realm of birds with 18 delightful do-it-yourself arts & crafts tailor-made for kids. From penguins to peacocks, get ready to unleash your creativity and bring feathered friends to life with these fun and easy DIY bird crafts. Whether you’re crafting for playtime, decoration, or educational exploration, these projects promise hours of entertainment and the chance to connect with nature in a whole new way. So, gather your crafting supplies and let’s soar into a world of creativity and imagination!


18 Fun DIY Bird Arts & Crafts

18 Fun DIY Bird Arts & Crafts

1. Tissue Paper Bird Suncatcher

This tissue paper bird suncatcher is SO easy to make and is the perfect way to repurpose old tissue paper! No printable is needed here as it really couldn’t be easier to draw your bird shape but don’t worry if you are unsure how as we will step you through the process.

2. Yarn Birds

Learn how to make decorative birds with this step-by-step tutorial showing you how to make a little bird from yarn. Made in pastel colours they are a perfect craft for Spring decorating.

3. Perler Bead Birds

Get out your Perler/ fuse beads and create one of these fun Perler bead birds! We have created three different bird patterns for you to print out and follow. A cute little penguin, a blue bird with a purple wing, and a fun flamingo. You can make them any color you like!

4. Potato Stamp Chick Art

These potato stamp chicks are a very simple and fun way to do some spring chick painting. Frame it, turn it into a card or even make your own wrapping paper. Such great fun that will keep little hands busy!

5. Popsicle Stick Birdhouse Craft

This is such a fun popsicle stick birdhouse craft complete with an adorable cupcake liner bird! Made from popsicle sticks, cardstock, a cupcake liner, it can then be decorated with craft box goodies and pens to extend the fun. This is one bird craft that kids are sure to love.

6. Newspaper Shape Penguins

Grab some black cardstock and some old magazines/ newspapers and create these cute and fun shape penguins. Perfect for preschoolers learning about shapes but these cuties are also lots of fun for older children to create as well.


7. Mini Art Bird Collage

These little mini art bird collages are made with bits and pieces that you’ll probably have just lying around the place. They are super cute and is a very fun bird craft for all ages. Visit Sum Of Their Stories to find out more.

8. Pastel Bird Art- Printed Photo Coloring Activity


If you have never done pastel art over a printed black-and-white photo you are missing out! This is an easy and very satisfying activity for all ages. From 4 to 104 anyone who loves art will love this activity! We have lots of fun bird images so you just need to pick your favorite and print.

9. Toilet Roll Macaw

This Easy TP Roll project is Perfect for Kids of all ages. It is fun and easy to make and Great to play with afterward. Little Ladoo has a Free Printable Macaw Template to make the project even easier.

10. Super Easy Bird Kite

If you are looking for a fun kite to make with the kids then this is the kite for you! It is simple and fast to make and lots of fun to fly both inside and outside. All that is needed is some paper and string along with other common office equipment which you most likely already have at home. Follow this link to find out more.

11. Paper Plate Birds

These paper plate birds are so simple and fun! They can be decorated with all sorts of craft box goodies to give them each a totally unique look. Head over to Easy Peasy and Fun to find out more.

12. Fingerprint Birds

Fingerprinting is fun for all ages. For toddlers keep it simple, draw a simple bird or fish outline and let them fingerprint on the feathers/ scales. Alternatively, work together they can do the fingerprinting while you transform the fingerprints into magical animal creations!

13. Leaf Peacock Craft

Begin by collecting some leaves from your surroundings, then download the free peacock template – and you’re all set for this creative craft project!

14. Recycled Trash Owl Craft

Get out your saved-up recycling to make this Recycled Trash Owl Craft. Made using plastic bottle/ milk jug lids, bread tags, and a cut-up cardboard box. Grab your free owl template printable so you can get the perfect owl shape without having to be able to draw.

15. Popsicle Stick Bluebird Magnets

No kid’s craft round-up would be complete without a popsicle stick craft! We believe it couldn’t get any cuter than these baby bluebird magnets by Artsy Momma.

16. Newspaper Quail Craft

Q is for quail and this fun newspaper quail craft. This is a fabulous craft uses old magazines and newspaper however you could swap the magazine paper for other craft paper. A perfect craft to do to her with letter recognition of the letter Q! They would be super cute made into a gift card or displayed up on the wall.

17. Cardboard Roll Birds

We love how simple yet fun these cardboard roll birds are! Each bird can be unique as children can switch up their own designs to make all sorts of different birds. Head over to This Crafty Family to find out more.

18. Egg Carton Penguin Craft

Take an old egg carton to create an adorable waddle of penguins with this egg carton penguin craft. To date this has been one of our favorite crafts! These little guys frequently came out for our girls to play with alongside their other toys when they were younger. A perfect penguin craft for older kids!

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