5 Letter C Printable Worksheets

Learn about the letter C with these 5 letter C printable worksheets. There are all sorts of different worksheets here to encourage children to learn the letter C. Learning can be fun! Simply print and then complete. From coloring to letter identification worksheets and even a fun memory game there is sure to be a printable here that will help your child learn to recognize the letter C.

5 Letter C Printable Worksheets

5 free letter C printable worksheets

1. Letter C Coloring Page

Letter C coloring page

Print and color this fun letter C coloring page printable. A fun coloring page that older siblings will also enjoy.

C Is For Printable

C is for worksheet

Print, color and learn words that start with the letter C.

3. Circle The Letter C

Circle the letter C worksheet

Circle all of the letter C’s. This can be trickier than it looks! This fun letter C printable can also be used to find the letters in your name or use it to find each letter in the alphabet.

Letter C Printable Memory Game

Learn about the letter C in a totally fun way with this letter C memory game. Print onto cardstock, cut out and then place face down. Take turns to try to find the matching pairs, once found keep the pair. This game can be played as a ground, with a partner or alone.

C Is For Cat and Corn

Letter C coloring page

Do cats like to eat corn? Maybe this one does! Print out and color this cat and corn letter C printable worksheet. Follow the dots to draw the letter C.

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