7 Fun DIY Face Mask Ideas

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Masks are now common to use to help with protecting yourself from getting sick. You can do this by wearing a face mask when you go out in public places where there are lots of germs. That being said, in the middle of a pandemic, it is vital that you stay safe while in public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing while at it!

These 7 fun DIY face mask ideas won’t cost much to make and are a great way to add some fun to your mask-wearing. Some of these ideas can even be used to update a mask that you already have at home to make it funky and new!

7 Fun DIY Face Mask Ideas

7 Fun DIY Face Mask Ideas

Face Mask with Flowers!

Fidelity Non Medical Zebra Flower Face Mask Version 3 | My Filosophy

One of the coolest masks is a mask with flowers on it because they are so beautiful. The first step in sewing this mask is cutting two pieces of fabric into the shape of an egg. This will help keep the fabric taut as you sew. Then, cut out a shape for the nose and flowers and pin all of them to the fabric–the shape you cut should be able to be turned inside-out easily without too much stretching. Using simple stitches, stitch the pieces together and leave room for elastic. After stitching it together, flip it back inside out and make sure everything is correct. To keep the mask secure on your face (and prevent sagging), attach elastic using a sewing machine or by hand. The elastic will be used to hold the mask around your ears.

Snowman Mask

Carrot Nose Face Masks | Redbubble

As winter approaches, what better mask design is there than a snowman? You can sew a snowman in one shape on your mask, or you can make two circles and stitch them together to create this fun pattern. With this fun and exciting Christmas design, you’ll be sure to have your friends laughing every time you wear this mask! What’s even better is that this mask is super easy to make, and it will stand out from the crowd. Instead of wearing boring masks with no design, be sure to suit the holiday with this charming winter-themed mask.

Halloween Masks

40 Coronavirus Halloween Fabric Face Masks - Best COVID-19 Masks for  Halloween

Halloween is coming up fast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly sew yourself a Halloween-themed mask to match the holiday! When it comes to finding a design that you can wear on your mask around Halloween, there are so many options available to you.

Many people go for a pumpkin design during this time of year; however, you can be as creative as you want! You may even consider a black cat design! Alternatively, you can even include some text on your mask. During Halloween, having a mask that says “Trick Or Treat” or “Boo!” would certainly turn heads.


Facemasks | UK Delivery | Birds Design - RSPB Shop

Need a cute mask design that works all year-round? Consider a bird pattern! Birds are cute and stylish on clothing during every season, thus, if you are looking to sew a mask that you can wear any time of the year, we certainly recommend a bird design.

When it comes to choosing the kind of bird you want to sew, you can be as creative as you would like! Consider sewing owls, parrots, or any other kind of bird that you like.

Inspiring Quotes

Inspirational Grace is the Glue Quote Mask by motivateme | Trendy face masks,  Stylish face mask, Mask

If snowmen and birds are not quite your thing, perhaps all you need to spice up your style is an inspiring quote written on your mask! Think about it, by wearing a quote directly on your face, you can make the day of dozens of people that you come across every day.

There are endless possibilities when you choose this design. You can write your own quote or a quote that you find inspiring found on the internet! The choice is yours, but one thing is for sure; it will look amazing.

Polka Dots

Red Polkadot Face Mask with Filter - Kid's Dream

Looking for something fashionable without going over the top? Polka dots add style to almost any article of clothing, and the same applies to face masks. What is great about polka dots in a mask design is that they can be any colour you want! This makes them easy to incorporate on a white mask, black mask, purple mask, you name it, and polka dots can match it in one way or another! The versatility of this design is what makes it a go-to pattern for many mask sewers.

Zebra Pattern

This zebra print face mask is so comfortable to wear, you won't want to  take it off • GEEKSPIN

Last but not the least, the fabulous zebra pattern! Loved for so many reasons, this design can add that extra touch to your face mask all while keeping you protected from viruses, including COVID-19! Besides being super cute, this design is easy to make, especially when using the best sewing machine for upholstery fabric. All in all, it was an easy decision to include this fancy mask design in our list.

Final Thoughts

There we have it! When it comes to wearing masks, never settle for basic. There are endless possibilities open to you when you know how to sew, especially with face masks. Stay safe and stylish with any of these 7 cool mask designs that are cheap and easy to make!

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