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Sew DIY Stacking Felt Pigs

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Inspired by the game Minecraft and the pigs from the movie Chickenhare And The Hamster Of Darkness these Sew DIY Stacking Felt Pigs is a fun sewing project to make and play with. With a little help, this is a great beginner sewing project. The free printable pattern makes it super easy to make your own fun DIY Stacking Felt Pigs. Mix it up and make a combined Chickenhare and Minecraft pig or use the cube as a base for all sorts of other Minecraft felt toys.

Sew DIY Stacking Felt Pigs

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I had been trying to think of something to make for Sew A Softie which is an annual initiative to inspire kids and adults all over the world to learn to sew. The prompt this year was magical so during a game of Minecraft, it dawned on me that something related to the game would be popular with our girls as they love both hand-sewing and Minecraft. We were still yet to come up with the actual design when we watched the movie, Chickenhare And The Hamster Of Darkness. If you haven’t seen the movie (check out the trailer here) there are these awesome stacking pigs who have ears that cover their eyes. Such a great movie that our whole family enjoyed watching. So we decided to do two different DIY Stacking Felt Pigs, one Minecraft inspired and the other Chickenhare pig inspired.

There is no need to do either of the facial features from our printable. If you are after a more traditional snout then simply draw your own. Same for the eyes! A note on the facial details, you can either sew or glue these on. I sewed the large snout piece on and glued on the smaller pieces however our girls glued it all on (minus the ears). Another option would be to draw the face on using a Sharpie or Fabric Paint, the results may not be quite as good but younger children often love to get creative in this way.

Materials Needed

The Printable

Print out the printable the size it is or reduce the size under printer settings to make smaller stacking pigs. I reduced mine to 90% while our girls kept theirs at the original size. While this is totally up to you I wouldn’t recommend making the stacking pig too small as it will get much fiddlier to make.

The Stitches

To make these felt stacking pigs I used a blanket stitch, while the girls decided to use a whipstitch to sew the cube body together. A whipstitch is easier and faster than doing a blanket stitch however the blanket stitch is still very simple to do. To sew on some of the face details the running stitch works best.

running stitch is a very basic stitch where you simply go up and down in one direction through the pieces of felt that you are wanting to sew together.

whipstitch is sewn by looping the thread over the edge of the felt and pulling through, basically going in a round and round and round motion. Blanket stitch is a variation of whipstitch where you put the needle back through the loop before pulling through this gives a neater and more decorative look.

If you would like more details on the different stitches we have links to tutorials on both our, Sew A Felt Whale and our Sew A Felt Narwhal tutorials.

Let’s Get Sewing

Gather all of the supplies listed under Materials Needed. Decide on the style of pig you want to make and cut out the pieces required. Cut the pieces out of the felt. The simplest way to cut out the pieces is to pin the pattern onto the felt and cut around this. You will need x6 big felt squares for the cube body and then the face details. Make sure all of the squares are the same size as this will make sewing them together much simpler!

If you are going to sew on the face detail do this now using a running stitch otherwise you can glue it on at the end. I like to sew on the snout piece and then stick on all of the smaller details however children may prefer to glue it all on. If making the pig with ears beginner sewers will find this easiest to sew the ears on first before attaching the second square. More experienced you can sew the ears and second felt square on at the same time.

Next, sew all of the felt squares together, one side at a time using either blanket stitch or whipstitch. Do not sew the final side! Stuff the cube through this gap and then sew shut.

If you have face detail to glue onto your stacking pig now is the time to get gluing. Leave to dry, make some more Sew DIY Felt Stacking Pigs, and get stacking!

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this Sew DIY Felt Stacking Pigs project today!

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