9 Diy Dollhouses

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Here are 9 diy dollhouses that all doll loving children will want! Dollhouses are beautiful and will provide years of entertainment but they tend to be expensive to buy. Now you can make one which will be just as lovely as a store bought one but for a fraction of the cost. Whether you are looking for a dollhouse that looks is similar to store bought one or something a little different we have all of the inspiration you need here.

1. Bookshelf Dollhouse


Transform a bookshelf into a cute dollhouse. This project is simple to complete and can be used as both a dollhouse or a bookshelf. Find out more here.

2. Off The Grid Modern Farm Dollhouse


Build a completely off-the-grid dollhouse and farm using recycled and scrap materials that children will love. This dollhouse is a great way for kids to learn about sustainability and how to recycle everyday materials into a fun and creative toy. Follow this link for the tutorial.

3. Three Story Dream Dollhouse


Wow this is one amazing dollhouse! I love that it is double sided which gives it extra play space when playing with others. Head over to Ana White to find the plans.

4. Diy Modular Dollhouse


I want this modular dollhouse as it looks like so much fun! The modular pieces can be put together to make many different styles of houses. This is a dollhouse and building activity in one, fantastic! Follow this link to find out more.

5. Wall Dollhouse


I love this idea as it is so simple to achieve without having to do any building. Paint a simple house design onto the wall or make one from paper and then put the cube shelving into place. Non English source found here.

6. Dollhouse Craft


Turn a box into a dollhouse for a simple craft activity that kids will love. Decorated with magazine clippings this dollhouse is going to be lots of fun to make. Click here to find the instructions.

7. Simple Wooden Dollhouse


This dollhouse is similar to the Bookshelf Dollhouse but it is built from scratch. It is a good option for someone who wants to build one from new but doesn’t want something to complicated. I love the use of the different colored papers in each of the rooms! This is a great tutorial on how to build a dollhouse.

8. Dollhouse In A Box


This dollhouse in a box is fabulous as you can easily pack it up and take it away on holidays or store it away when it is not in use. Read more here.

9. 1955’s Dollhouse


9a-9-diy-dollhousesThis amazing dollhouse was made using an old dollhouse pattern. While this link (click here) doesn’t give you the exact plans it is an interesting read and you will pick up lots of helpful pointers. I especially love the popsicle stick cladding and the brick chimney. As you can see the inside is also amazing and so much detail has gone into every part of this house. Click here to find out more about the inside of this incredible house.



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