DIY Creeper Magnets

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Making these DIY Creeper Magnets are easy and fun. Made from a recycled box they are also a great low-cost craft project that is much more gentle on the environment compared to buying new! In fact, we even save up magnets that come in the mail (sorry real estate people) or broken magnets to make DIY magnets which makes them almost free to make. Add on a little paint to a cardboard cut out and you have yourself one awesome magnet!

Miss 8 has recently discovered Minecraft. While in lockdown for Covid-19 she was assigned some extra optional school work to do when her weekly report was finished and this always included building something on Minecraft. Now if you have ever played this game you will be familiar with the creepy creeper that is often lurking. Somehow our girls find creepers totally adorable which is how these DIY Creeper Magnets were born.

DIY Creeper Magnets

minecraft creeper magnet DIY

Anyone who loves Minecraft will think these DIY Creeper Magnets are pretty cool. They would make a great DIY gift! Why not make a creeper gift card and place one of these little magnets inside. They are quick and easy to make and really are lots of fun.

I have included photos of all three of our DIY Creeper Magnets. Made by myself, Miss 8, and Miss 6. You can most likely tell who has made each one and although all slightly different they all are equally as lovely. I cut out all of the cardboard bases using a craft knife and the kids then painted them. A thinner cardboard box such as a breakfast cereal box could be used and cut out with scissors if children are wanting to complete the project without help.

You Will Need

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  • Cardboard box.
  • Craft knife/ scissors.
  • Pen or pencil.
  • Our free printable or use a ruler and drawer your own creeper.
  • Paint/ brush. We used watercolor paints, you will need black and green.
  • Magnets.
  • Hot glue or other strong glue.

Free Printable

PDF minecraft creeper magnet

Time To Make A Creeper Magnet

minecraft creeper magnet diy

Gather all of your supplies. Print and cut out the creeper shape printable. This can be scaled up under your printer settings if you would like to make a larger sized magnet.

Carefully trace around the cut out printable of the creeper onto a cardboard box. Cut out. If using a thick cardboard box a craft knife will be easiest (kids get an adult to do this) however if using a cereal type box then scissors will work well. Wanting more than one creeper? Use your first cardboard box cut out to trace around as this will be much easier than the creeper printed on paper. No printer, no worries. Grab a ruler and pencil and draw your own Minecraft creeper shape.

Prepare your paint. You will need green and black. Paint the entire creeper with green paint. To add contrast you can add a little black or white paint to the green to make different shades of green paint. Paint these different shades of paint to look like little squares on your creeper. Wait until dry and then paint on the face using black paint.

Using a hot glue gun or similar glue a magnet to the back of each creeper. Stick on your fridge for a creeper surprise everytime you enter!

minecraft creeper magnet

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Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making these DIY Creeper Magnets!

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