DIY unicorn bookmarks

Easy DIY Unicorn Bookmarks

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Anyone who loves unicorns will adore these easy DIY unicorn bookmarks! They are super easy to make and can be modified to suit the resources you have available already at home. Perfect to make for a gift or to do as a fun unicorn craft. You will be amazed at how totally adorable your unicorn bookmarks turn out!

This simple craft is perfect for all school aged kids and even younger with a little help from an adult. Not only will kids enjoy making their own easy DIY unicorn bookmarks but it help to encourage kids to get reading. Reading, arts and crafts. It can’t get much better than that!

Easy DIY Unicorn Bookmarks

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Easy DIY unicorn bookmarks

So simple that a tutorial is hardly needed! Use this tutorial as a guide so you can create your own adorable unicorn bookmarks but mix it up and make it your own. There is no need to rush out and purchase extra supplies when you can get creative with what you have already on hand at home.

Miss 8 and I made our bookmarks on a quiet day at home. You can see that my unicorns have a yarn mane while Miss 8’s have been decorated with different things that she found in our craft box. The yarn free way is a little simpler, perfect for independent kids who don’t want any help. Both styles are totally cute and stylish!

You Will Need

unicorn bookmarks

If you don’t have some of the items below then swap them out for something similar. The only essential item is the cardstock and a pen for the eyes.

How To Make It

how to make a unicorn bookmark

Gather all of your supplies. Start by making the unicorn bookmark base by cutting out a long strip from cardstock. Our unicorn bookmarks with the yarn hair measured 6cm across and was cut to the length of the width of the piece of A4 cardstock.

Draw the ears and top of the unicorns head at one end of bookmark using a pencil. Cut this out when you are happy with the shape.

From the craft foam or other cardstock cut out the shape of a horn. The easiest way to do this is to cut a triangle shape before rounding off the tip slightly. Now is a good time to cut out the cardstock ears if using.

The Mane

Adding a mane is simple but a little fiddly so most children will need helping with this stage. Alternatively skip the mane and instead decorate around the horn with any craft box supplies that you desire.

Leaving enough of a gap to glue on the horn, use a sharp needle and press evenly spaced holes at the top of the bookmark between the ears. We did four holes on each of our unicorn bookmarks.

Thread the yarn needle with the yarn and feed it through the first hole but make sure you don’t pull it all the way through. You want to have the yarn doubled up on each side so you can tie a knot to keep it in place. Pull the yarn so it is longer on the back of the bookmark and shorter at the front. Tie the front two pieces together and then tie the back two pieces together using a simple knot. Repeat until all of the holes have hair. Now trim the hair to your liking.


easy diy unicorn bookmarks

Glue on the horn using hot glue. If you are adding extra flowers or decorations around the horn add them on using the hot glue if required.

Draw on the eyes using a pencil. To draw the eyes start with a sideways stretched out S shape. From there add on three eyelashes. Once you are happy with your unicorns eyes draw over the pencil with a fine-tip black pen. Add two dots for a nose and a mouth if you wish. Two pink circles are added for rosy cheeks.

Below the head wrap a piece of adhesive fabric around the bookmark. A great alternative to adhesive fabric is to use washi tape.

Add any other details that you like. You can see Miss 8 added arms and legs as well as lots of other lovely detail. Get as creative as you like or keep it simple. If making for a gift you could write a note for a special personal touch.

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DIY unicorn bookmarks

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making your easy DIY unicorn bookmarks!

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