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14 Fun Projects For Tweens

Today we have found 14 fun projects for tweens! These projects have all been handpicked especially for tweens but older and younger kids may also find something fun to do here. From circuit bugs to bath bombs there will be something here to keep your tween busy.

If you are wondering what a tween is, a tween is a child between the ages of 9 and 12. A tween is no longer a little child, but not quite a teenager. This age group is fantastic as they are more independent and focused than younger kids. This means that there is a whole range of new and exciting crafts and projects that is suitable for a tween!

14 Fun Projects For Tweens

14 fun projects for tweens

1. Duct Tape Endless Cube

DIY endless cube

Tweens will love the challenge of making this endless cube and then using it. This is a great alternative to a spinning fidget spinner. Visit Frugal Fun 4 Boys to read the full tutorial.

2. DIY Bouncy Balls

bouncy ball

Who doesn’t love a bouncy ball?! They are simple to make and so much fun. Head over to Life’s Carousel to find out more.

3. Soap Gummies

soap gummies

The amazing soap gummies jiggle like jelly, but washes like soap! This is a fantastic beginner soap making project that tweens are sure to love. Head over to Gluesticks Blog to get the recipe.

4. Stress Ball

stress ball DIY

Relax with this easy DIY squishy stress ball. Made from balloons and playdough this is one simple but cool tween project. Click here to read the full tutorial.

5. Easy Sun Catchers With Coloring Pages

sun catcher

Upcycle old coloring pages into beautiful suncatchers. This is a fantastic project that both kids and adults will love to do. Oil is applied to the chosen coloring page before it is stuck in a mason jar lid which gives the paper a translucent look so the sunlight can shine through the art design. Visit 100 Directions to read the full tutorial.

6. Mermaid Necklaces

mermaid necklace

These amazing mermaid necklaces may look difficult to make but they are actually fairly easy. Quiet Lion Creations has a great step-by-step tutorial so you can create your own stunning necklace. Make two and give one as a special gift.

7. Duct Tape Wallet

duct tape wallet

Yes, it is possible to make a wallet almost entirely from duct tape! We are loving this adorable flamingo duct tape. Full tutorial from DIY Beautify.

8. Fabric Paint Cushion Craft

fabric painted cushion

Upcycle an old pillowcase into a fun cushion. It is easy at fun for kids of all ages as well as crafty adults! Follow this link to read the full tutorial.

9. Emoji Keychain

emoji keychain

This fun emoji keychain has been made using polymer clay. Create your favorite emoji character. They are so fun to make you will be making one for all of your friends! Click here to find out more.

10. DIY Tie Dye Beach Towels

tie dye beach towel

Make your own one of a kind towel for the beach or pool this summer! Tie-dying is super fun and it is super exciting seeing the results once the towel is dry and ready to use. Get the full tutorial over at Mom Endeavors.

11. Circut Bugs

circuit bugs

Working with the circuits and batteries is something that should only be done under adult supervision and this activity has been designed to suit kids over the ages of 8. These circuit bugs are a fun way to explore electric circuits. Head over to Steam Powered Family to get the full tutorial.

12. Bath Bombs

fizzy bath bombs

Bath bombs are very satisfying to make. Not only do they look amazing but they make bathtime lots more fun! Find out how to make your own bath bombs here.

13. Microwave Jam Mug Puddings

microwave jam mug pudding

Baking doesn’t come much easier than these microwave mug puddings. Once the kids can make them they will be wanting to make pudding every night! Follow this link to get the recipe.

14. Yarn Wrapped Letters

yarn wrapped letters

Room decor need not cost lots of money. These yarn wrapped letters are a great example of making something cool to decorate a room on a small budget. A great way to update your room! Head over to Art Bar to find out more.

If you are after a special crafty something to buy for your tween we have found these fun kits.

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