How To Create A Resin Pour Art Masterpiece

Let’s learn how to create a resin pour art masterpiece! Resin is used to produce stunningly shiny artwork, often resin will be poured over existing artwork but today we are focusing on the pour technique. The pour technique is similar to the technique used in acrylic fluid art but also involves using resin and creates super shiny results.

We have some great beginner videos and tutorials which will inspire and give you the confidence to create your own resin pour art masterpiece!

How To Create A Resin Pour Art Masterpiece

1. Resin Art For Beginners

 This is a fantastic starter video to watch before you attempt your first resin pour. The video talks about setting up, mixing resin and adding color before showing the pour technique. Sheri Vegas has all sorts of amazing art tutorials.

2. Diy Colorful Poured Resin Wall Art

This is a great written tutorial which gives a step-by-step rundown on everything you need to know about creating a resin pour wall art masterpiece. Click here to read the full tutorial. 

3. Wavescape

This video shows the process of creating a wavescape from Inks, pigment powders and resin. It is amazing to watch the transformation unfold. Watch more of Chris Cross’s videos here. 

5. Diy Abstract Resin Art

 This diy abstract resin art uses a different technique, it even involves some sanding! This is a fun way to achieve a different look. Souce found here. 

6. The Making Of Spirit Calling

 This mesmerizing tutorial shows how layering can add depth to resin art. We absolutely love the finished artwork.




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