Olympic rings craft

Olympic Rings Collage Craft

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Celebrate the Olympic Games with your children and this fun Olympic Rings Collage Craft. This collage craft is easy to set up, engaging, and simple to put together. Provided is a free printable to make the set-up even easier! Simply print, gather supplies and create your own creative Olympic Rings art.

Olympic Rings Collage Craft

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Olympic Rings Collage Craft

This really is such a fun craft for all ages! From gathering all of the supplies from nature, recycling and the craft box to getting the placement just right. You can choose to glue all of the items onto your Olympic Rings or keep it as a type of puzzle that you can make over and over again.

For young and old we recommend that you use the LARGE Olympic Ring printable. It will be much easier to find items that fit and much less fiddly!

Materials Needed

  • An old cardboard box
  • The free printable or a pen to draw your own olympic rings
  • Scissors, to cut out the printable
  • Glue Stick, to glue on the printable
  • Collage supplies. Have a look outside for leaves and flowers, the recycling for bread tags, old tissue paper, cut up magazines and craft box supplies in each of the ring colors. We used pom poms, mini wooden sticks, felt, foam stickers, fabric stars and paper towels that had been previously colored with watercolor paints.

The Printable

To make this craft super simple we have provided a color printable. Simply print and collage on top of the colored printable. We decided to cut out our printable and stick it onto recycled cardboard which you can read about in the tutorial below. If you do not have a printer you can still make this craft by drawing the rings onto recycled cardboard.

We recommend that you make a larger sized Olympic Rings Collage. To do this, click and print the second, Olympic Rings Printable LARGE link below. This is easy to make, cut out and match the rings together before gluing onto the recycled cardboard. This size is better for smaller children or for working together with a sibling, classmate, or friend.

Also provided is a black and white printable (included in the first printable link). This printable can be used as a coloring page or for other Olympic Ring Crafts. How about using Color Dot Label Stickers as a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

Olympic Rings Collage Craft printable
Olympic Rings Coloring page

Let’s Get Creative

How to make Olympic Rings Collage Craft
The Board

Start by making the board. Cut a flat side off a large cardboard box using scissors or a craft knife, kids get an adult to do this part as it can be tricky! Trim the edges so your piece of cardboard is neat and tidy.

Print out the Olympic Rings Printable Large. Cut all of the white paper away from the rings. Do not be too concerned about getting this perfect as the color is a guide only and will be covered. To cut the white from inside of the rings we simply made a cut through the color ring and then cut it out from there.

Once both sheets of the rings have been cut out place them together to get the best fit, you may want to cut off the excess overlapping rings to get a good match. When you are happy that the rings join nicely together glue onto the cardboard using the glue stick.


Gathering the supplies is a fun step for kids to do and the perfect way to keep children entertained while you make up the base board of this craft. Get a container and venture outside to collect items that are blue, yellow, black, green and red. Have a look through the recycling, bread tags are perfect for this activity. Other recycled materials include, cut up magazines, old tissue paper, bottle lids, anything that can be cut to size! Finally get out your craft box and have a look for any materials that could be suitable for this activity such as colored feathers, pom poms, ribbon and stickers. If you are making the small Olympic Rings you will need to use small items!

Place or Glue

Now the fun and challenge really begins. You can either glue or just place on the items if you would like to construct your Olympic Rings over and over again. Gluing is great if you are wanting to display your Olympic Rings as a stunning work of art but keen in mind that if you use flowers and leaves they may change color as they dry out.

Olympic Rings Collage Craft

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this Olympic Rings Collage Craft today!

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