F is for FISH with this fun fish nature collage craft. Children will love gathering natural resources to use to collage their own letter F and fish. A great craft project to help with letter recognition of the letter F and to focus on the sound that F makes while talking about fish! This fish nature collage crat is also great to do alongside a study on fish or the ocean.

We have everything you need to get you started on this fun craft. Fish printables as well as a letter F printable and an easy to follow tutorial on how to set this craft up and complete it.

Fish Nature Collage Craft

Letter F and fish nature collage craft

This is one simple craft that kids will love and it is fairly simple to set up. As with all crafts that require prep work we recommend that you do this before inviting children over to begin crafting. This reduces stress for both the child and adult!

To Set This Craft Up You Will Need

  • A printed copy of the printables below. Or draw your own F and fish!
  • An old cardboard box.
  • Scissors and a craft knife.

Print out the free printables, you can do this by clicking the printable link below and pressing print.

Cut around the printables that you are wanting to use. Place the cut-outs onto a cardboard box and trace around the outside of the printable to transfer the image to the box. Now cut around the transferred image. This is the crafting base. Make as many of these as needed. For duplicate copies, it is easy to use a craft knife and carefully run it around the edge of the original base that has been cut out.

The Fun Begins

Letter F and fish nature craft

You Will Need

  • The already prepared F and fish bases.
  • Glue, we used PVA but anything similar will work.
  • Nature supplies.

The crafting bases are now ready to go so now the fun begins!

Head out to gather nature supplies to use to collage your fish and F. This is a good opportunity to learn about different plants and flowers and other natural resources. Make sure you only collect plants that you know are not poisonous! Larger leaves can be cut down which will give a really cool look. Try to select items that are somewhat flat as they will be easiest to stick onto the bases.

If you don’t have any nature supplies then using paper scraps and other fun craft supplies is a great alternative. Part of our selection came from a bunch of flowers that had wilted so be creative, there are many different items that will be perfect for this craft. You can even use a mix of both crafts and natural resources!

Letter F Nature Art

Smother the bases in a thick layer of glue. We used PVA glue which worked well but there are many similar types of glue that will do the same job. Ideally, you want a slow drying glue so the nature supplies or craft supplies can be moved around easily.

Place on your gathered supplies until you are happy with the layout. If needed add more glue if layering pieces. Leave to dry.

Super easy and super fun!

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