toilet roll heart stamp cards

Toilet Roll Heart Stamp Cards

Today we have a simple art project for you that kids of all ages will love! All that is needed to make these heart stamp cards are toilet roll tubes, paint, and a piece of card! Before you know it you will have a beautiful card perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or for any other occasion.

These toilet roll heart stamp cards are super easy to make and fun idea that is perfect for kids of all ages. It is a great way to use old toilet tubes or cardboard tubes that would be otherwise recycled. We love low-cost easy arts and crafts that use recycled items. Even better when they are as fun as this one!

Toilet Roll Heart Stamp Cards

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toilet roll heart stamp cards

This activity, of course can be done simply on a piece of paper and not made into a card. The final product could be framed and hung on the wall! How about painting a cute face in the center of each heart? You could make one heart face per family member! Or try bending the toilet tube into a different shape, a triangle perhaps to make a fun card with different shapes.

You Will Need

Time To Get Creating

toilet roll hearts

To make the cardboard tube stamps bend one side to form a point and then gently bend the other side to make the m shape part of the heart. If you want to add some extra strength and shape staying ability then wrap some tape around the toilet tube to hold the heart shape. We didn’t use tape and our hearts held their shape well. The extra support of some tape might be helpful for younger children who have a firmer grasp on the stampers.

Get a piece of cardstock to make the base of your card. This can be in any color you like. Consider using light colors for darker shades of cardstock and darker paints for lighter cardstock colors to produce a card that is really eyecatching. Fold the cardstock in half to turn it into a card.

Pour your selected paint colors into individual containers or a paint pallet that is large enough to fit each cardboard heart stamper. Place the heart stamper with the heart shape face down into each color.

Make sure the stamper base is completely covered in paint then press it down onto paper. Repeat until you are happy with the design.

Leave until dry. If you like trim your card into a shape that suits or leave it as it is. You now have a lovely card that is perfect to give for any occasion or just to show someone you care.

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