Simple Homemade Cleaning Products

It is easy to skip the nasty chemicals and expensive store-bought cleaning products by making your own simple homemade cleaning products. Homemade cleaning products often work just as well as commercial products but are much gentler on the skin and safer to breathe. Today we have put together a list of our favorite simple homemade cleaning products that will make cleaning a breeze!

We originally started using homemade cleaning products when our girls were babies. I wanted something safe to use that couldn’t harm our children. The added bonus of doing this was the money we saved!

Simple Homemade Cleaning Products

homemade cleaning products

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is amazing to clean with! It is non-toxic, cheap and kills germs and bacteria. It can be used straight to tackle difficult stains as well as stubborn dirt, and grime or diluted with water for a great multi-purpose spray. White vinegar is acidic so do NOT use it on granite, marble or stone benches or undiluted on wood.

2. Multi-Purpose Spray

Vinegar, water and tea tree essential oil- Half fill a spray bottle with water then fill with vinegar. Add in approximately 8 drops of tea tree essential oil. Tea tree essential oil is known for its antiseptic properties which makes it a great addition to this multi-purpose spray.

3. Baking Soda For Deodorizing

baking soda for cleaning

Baking soda- Simply sprinkle baking soda onto the surface you are wanting to deodorize. Wait for approximately 30 minutes and then vacuum. This is great for so many things, carpets, mattresses, pet beds, shoes (no need to vacuum)! Live Simply has a great list of way to use baking soda to clean.

3. Toilet Bomb

Borax and white vinegar- Flush the toilet then sprinkle a handful of borax around the rim. Pour over the vinegar and leave for 5 min. Give the toilet a scrub and flush.

4. Dishwasher Powder

1 cup washing soda crystals, 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup citric acid, 1/4 cup salt. Mix all ingredients together in an airtight container. A couple of drops of essential oil can be added for scent (check the safety of the oil before adding). Use this in place of regular dishwasher powder.

5. Easy Wood Polish

White vinegar, olive oil- A combination of half vinegar to half oil is great to clean and polish wood. Alternatively, make this amazing beeswax and eucalyptus cleaning polish from One Good Thing for an outstanding wood cleaner.

6. Tough Spot Cleaner

White vinegar, baking soda- Whenever there is the need for a mild abrasive cleaner or a cream type cleaner you can simply use a combination of baking soda and vinegar. This is fantastic for cleaning basins and baths! sprinkle on the baking soda then spray with vinegar before giving it a good scrub. Wendyl’s Green Goddess has an amazing cleaning paste recipe using baking soda, cream of tartar, castile soap and lavender essential oil which is great when you need some extra cleaning power.

7. Leather Cleaner

Olive oil, white vinegar- 3/4 oil mixed with 1/4 white vinegar makes a great leather cleaner. Mix together in a spray bottle then spray and wipe off.

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Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

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