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Slow Cooker Savory Mince

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Save time at the end of the day with this tasty Slow-cooker savory mince. This recipe is on regular rotation in our household as it is quick and easy to make and one that everyone is happy to eat! It is easy to adapt to the ingredients that you have on hand at home which also makes it great for fussy eaters as the vegetables can be family favorites. Serve it over rice, pasta, potato, or even toast for a variety of different meals.

Slow Cooker Savory Mince

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A slow cooker/ crock-pot is a must for anyone who is busy and nowadays who isn’t busy?! Simply chuck all of the ingredients into the slow cooker, turn it on, and at dinnertime, you will have a meal hot and ready to eat. This slow cooker savory mince recipe is incredibly simple and quick to make and delicious which makes it perfect for anyone, even kids to make.

Quick Questions

What mince is best to use? We always make this using beef mince for no other reason than I don’t eat pork or lamb. Any mince should work with this recipe however the flavors will change depending on the type of mince you use. Why not try different types of mince and find out what tastes the best? Vegetarian mince could also be a good option!

Does the mince need browning first? We never brown the mince first. It probably does help with flavor but I have never had any complaints from my fussy tribe and browning the meat takes away from how simple this meal is to make. If you want to give it a go then let us know how it goes.

How about cooking the onion? Nope, this gets chopped and added raw to the slow cooker. Again if you want to saute it first you can.

What vegetables are best to use? You can use any vegetables that you like. If using something with quite a lot of moisture like courgette/ zucchini then you may want to reduce the water slightly. I normally have a base of about 1-2 cups of kumara/ sweet potato and the remainder of frozen vegetables or fresh carrots and celery. Being able to swap and change the vegetable ingredients is one of the great things about this recipe and means it is easy to keep everyone happy.

How do I serve this meal? We eat this slow cooker savory mince over rice or mashed potato. Baked potato, pasta, toast, or even as a pie filling would all be delicious.

To make this slow cooker savory mince add mince, vegetables, sauces, stock, gravy powder, tomatoes, garlic, and onion into a slow cooker and combine. Turn it on and leave it to cook for around 6 hours on low.

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