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These Cherry & Chocolate Oat Cookies are quick and easy to make and totally delicious! Full with glace cherries, chocolate drops, and oats they really are a tasty treat. Perfect for lunchboxes or to whip up in a hurry for guests or when you want to do some simple baking with the kids.

Cherry & Chocolate Oat Cookies

We have kept these cookies simple. No need to chill before baking or complicate processes. Simply mix wet ingredients in one bowl and dry ingredients in the other before combining them all together and folding in the glace cherries and chocolate and rolling into balls. Really that is all there is to it!

A note about the chocolate used. You can use tiny chocolate chips, chocolate drops of chunks it is up to you and your personal preference. We tend to use chocolate drops for our baking as it satisfies our chocolate desires without overwhelming the cookie. You can also mix up the type of chocolate used. We used a blend of dark and milk chocolate.

Now if you hate glace cherries (really?) or simply don’t have enough of them then using dried apricot would be a nice alternative. Really when doesn’t apricot work well with chocolate!

If you are wanting these Cherry & Chocolate Oat Cookies to look a little more eyecatching then save some of the cherries and chocolate to decorate with. After rolling the cookie dough into balls and slightly pressing down gently press some cherry and chocolate pieces on the top of the cookie.

We don’t often do pretty around here, instead, we opt for the get it in the oven fast so we can eat them rustic method. In saying that if baking for a bake sale or for a special occasion then we would decorate them. Pretty or rustic, either way, they are sure to taste great.

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