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Things to Consider Before Starting A Major DIY Project

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DIY projects can be inexpensive, fun, and exciting. Sprucing up your cabinets or refurbishing a flea-market find can bring exhilaration and new life into your home.

However, sometimes you might try to take on more than a simple craft project. While you might enjoy the process of learning a new skill, some projects might require professional knowledge.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to embark on a DIY project.

Things to Consider Before Starting A Major DIY Project

Is It Worth It?

Some DIY projects are no-brainers. If you want to paint your dresser a different shade of turquoise, you can easily knock that out yourself. More challenging DIY projects could require a professional and not be worth the time, effort and money you would spend attempting to do it yourself.

Home Renovation

For example, home renovations could cause more harm than good when it comes time to sell. Some DIY projects can actually lower your home value when you don’t accomplish them effectively.

Since they are relatively easy fixes, things like cosmetic work can be open to negotiations. Plumbing and electrical issues, however, are not to be taken lightly. They can cause the homebuyer to change their initial offer on the house.

All work you do to a home must meet building codes and requirements if you ever plan on selling. Quality DIY work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s up to standard with regulations on building codes and compliances. If you choose to DIY a home renovation project, make sure you have the proper instructions so everything is up to par.

Car Restoration

Similarly, car restoration can devalue a car. Classic vehicles have insane value, so choose one that won’t depreciate with a repair. Do your research and find the right one for you to restore that will add value and achieve your desired goals. Car restoration can be fun and rewarding if you plan and budget accordingly.

Ensure you have the appropriate workspace tools you need to do the refurbishing. Check your budget before you get started and be sure to get the right equipment for your car. You might need custom parts for older, more iconic makes and models. Stay within your budget as much as possible, but include storage options and insurance. If you’re spending chunks of time investing in a vehicle, you want to ensure it is correctly cared for and protected.

How Risky Is It?

In the DIY game, there are some risks you just shouldn’t take. It may seem more cost-effective to fix your issue on the roof of your house. However, perhaps you should consider that 130,000 injuries happen per year concerning ladders. How else would you plan on getting up there?

You could be taking a risk every time you pick up a power tool — some are more dangerous than others. Ensure you become educated on every device you plan to use and how it works before thinking about using it. If you use the wrong tools for a project, that can pose additional risks. Those devices could backfire and cause injuries easily.

Consider how much you would pay for your hospital bill when considering attempting a dangerous DIY project to save money. It isn’t worth the risk to your health or your home. You can easily avoid some injuries with the proper precautions, while others pose too much danger to attempt on your own.

To DIY or Not to DIY

Hiring a professional is not a sign of defeat — sometimes, it’s necessary to ensure the appropriate work. Focus your DIY energy on projects that you can accomplish within a reasonable timeframe and budget – and projects that won’t put you at risk of injury. Keep these considerations in mind when embarking on your next major DIY project.

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