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Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List Printables

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If you ever find yourself standing in the kitchen at night wondering what on earth you are going to cook then this printable bundle is for you. Take the stress out of mealtime by getting organized! To help you along we have made these free Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List Printables. Simply print out the copies that you require and plan your way to calmer and more exciting mealtimes.

Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping List Printables

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I am going to get a bit honest for a second, up until recently we have subscribed to weekly food boxes. I select 3 meals each week and the ingredients and recipes come to my door at the start of the week. It has been so simple, next to no thinking yet yummy meals that most of our family enjoys. Often I could make these meals stretch over a couple of nights by adding some extra vegetables so it mostly worked really well for us. The downside for our family is that our girls do quite a few after-school activities that run up until dinnertime which meant that I didn’t always have time to cook the meals and occasionally the ingredients would spoil before I got a chance to cook them. This brought me to my dinner planning!

Cooking our own meals is often quicker and more affordable as well as with the advantage that I can pop to the shop to buy ingredients closer to when I need them, so fresher food. Meals are planned around the kid’s activities so on the nights that we will be home late, it will be something yummy made in the slow cooker or something such as sushi or quiche that can be made ahead of time. Having what we are eating each night planned out over the weekend means no more standing in the kitchen wondering what to cook during the week or finally deciding on what meal to cook but realizing that we don’t have the ingredients and would need to go to the shop.

Now we can plan our week’s meals, and write a shopping list at the same time. To make the meal planning even easier we have also included three different shopping list printables. Pick the one that suits the way you like to shop. Decide what you would like to eat each night, figure out what ingredients are needed and add them to your shopping list. So easy!

The Printables

You can print the weekly mean plan and shopping lists from the pdf at the bottom of this article. Print one or print them all. Save the images to your Pinterest so you can easily find them to print again.

Weekly Meal Plan

A simple Monday to Sunday format. Once a week I sit down, scroll the internet and look through recipes to find new recipes to try as well as sticking with some tried and loved recipes and simple meal ideas that I know our girls will eat. Normally I decide on 5 different meals which allow for if we are eating out or have leftovers.

You may find it helpful to plan exactly what to eat each day or just choose a range of meals that you would like to cook and decide each night which of those meals you will cook. Plan meals that require fresh ingredients close to the days that you can get your groceries, quick meals on nights you are short on time, and more time-intensive meals on the days that you are home and have the time.

Shopping Lists

Three different shopping lists so you can choose the one that suits the way that you like to shop.

The most simple style, where you simply list the items that you need. Tick them off as you go or tick the items that you might want to purchase at a later time. This is helpful if you do a bigger bulk shop but want to go and buy fresh ingredients such as fish or meat later in the week, closer to the day that you will cook the meal.

If you tend to have to go back down isles in the grocery store for items that you have missed then this shopping list option would be helpful to use. The items are listed in sections so you spend less time in the supermarket.

The third shopping list is perfect for anyone who likes to shop between stores. You can have all of the items from the produce store or market, butchery, and grocery store all on the same list but separated to make your shopping very simple and stress-free.


If you are more inclined instead of printing our FREE printables you could purchase one of these amazing meal planners. They would make a great gift for any very organized (or disorganized) person.

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