World Oceans Day Activities

World Oceans Day Activities

The 8th of June marks World Oceans Day. To highlight the importance of this day we have put together this list of world oceans day activities. These activities are great for all ages and help to remind us of the importance of protecting our oceans. This is a great day to get together with your family, friends, and community to start creating a better future!

Scientists estimate that if we don’t change our ways, the ocean will have more plastic by weight than fish by 2050. This is shocking and a massive problem for both our marine life and local economies. If you would like to find out more about World Oceans Day then be sure to visit the World Oceans Day website. This website has lots of information and resources as well as events in your local area.

World Oceans Day Activities

World Oceans Day Activities

1. Collect Rubbish

park clean up

Collecting rubbish from your local park or beach is a great way to help our oceans. You can find or create a group event here. Or gather up your family and friends, grab and bag or bucket and get collecting.

Our girls love collecting rubbish. The top photo was taken on our Valentine’s Day dinner at the beach where the girls decided that a trash collecting mission was needed. The other photo was taken at a community organized rubbish collecting event. It doesn’t matter if you collect with a friend, family or alone, every piece of trash removed is a step in the right direction.

2. Beach Scavenger Hunt

Beach Scavenger hunt

Make your rubbish collecting extra fun with this free printable. Simply tick off the items as you find them and collect the rubbish to dispose of. Beach Scavenger Hunt Printable.

3. Under The Sea Printable

Under The Sea Printable

Print out and color this fun under the sea coloring page. This is a good opportunity to talk to children about the ocean and why it is important to reduce our single-use plastic and not to litter. Under The Sea Printable PDF.

4. Ocean Activities Printable Pack


We are loving these free ocean activities from Natural Beach Living. The printable pack is full of all sorts of cool ocean learning resources. This is a great learning resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the ocean.

Happy World Ocean Day



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