The Seven Sisters of Matariki Star Printable

The Seven (9) Sisters of Matariki Star Printable

To celebrate and learn about Matariki we have made this Seven (9) Sisters of Matariki Star Printable. Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also commonly known as the Pleiades. It rises during mid-winter and marks the beginning of the Māori new year. Simply print out and colour the star printable. You can talk about Matariki while colouring this printable and learn the star names. These stars would look great on the wall or turned into a hanging mobile.

We have included a basic fact sheet about Matariki and the seven sisters. This sheet can be printed and referred to when colouring and decorating the star printable.

How many stars are there again?

Matariki has long been thought of as a seven-star cluster but in recent years it has been discovered that two of the stars were forgotten over time – Pōhutukawa and Hiwa-i-te-rangi- making it a total of nine stars. We have added a printable featuring the two new stars below.

The Seven Sisters of Matariki Star Printable

The seven sisters of matarki star printable

Matariki is the same cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. Greek people believe the constellation Pleiades represents seven daughters of Atlas. In New Zealand, it represents the start of the Maori New Year and the myth of the seven sisters of Matariki is often told. This is a time to think of those that we have lost and to prepare for the future.

Matariki is the mother and she is surrounded by her 6 daughters. These stars are referred to as the seven sisters. Each year the seven sisters travel across the sky to visit their tupuna wahine (great grandmother), Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) to help her to prepare for the year to come.

The Seven (9) Sisters


has an interest in edible plants and represents food that grows within the soil. She reminds us that we all have our own special time and place. She also encourages us to consider more carefully what we are putting into Papatūānuku (the earth).


looks out for the ngahere (forests). Her singing voice is beautiful and it revives the forest and all the other creatures. We learn from her the importance of sharing our gifts with others and appreciating those shared with us. She encourages us to take action to help to bring our forests back to life again.


welcomes the winter sky waters in all their forms. She sees how these waters contribute to the healthy cycle of our earth, and also, the effects when they don’t arrive as required.  She accompanies her grandmother to the waters where she prepares food and water for the people, animals, and plants. We learn from her that if you give to others, all that kindness will come right back to you. She encourages us to reflect on climate change, and what we can do today to lessen the problem.


watches over our rivers and lakes and other freshwater environments. She sees how the waters support us, provide for us, connect us, and sustain us. Waitī has heard the important stories that our waters have to tell. She encourages us to listen and to learn from them as well.


surveys our vast oceans. Waitā encourages us to respect our coasts and oceans, and treat their inhabitants like the treasures they really are.

Waitī and Waitā are Matariki’s twins. Papatūānuku knew that they would be able to care for the smallest and fastest of creatures because they know all about being a team. They encourage us to join in and support each other.


the star associated with the winds. Ururangi enjoys racing all of her sisters to get to her kuia (grandmother) first. Her excitement, along with her aroha (love), helps Papa to get into the right mood after the cold and darkness of winter. Ururangi reminds us that a good attitude is always key to success. She encourages us to embrace the strength of the winds and to prepare for any challenges it creates.


gathers people together and connects them with our environment. She is busy watching over and helping out her tamariki (children). With her support, encouragement, and supervision, they will be able to do their very best. Matariki signifies reflection, hope and our connection to the environment.

The Two Other Stars

These stars are harder to see but are just as important.


connects with those who have passed on.


the youngest star who is also the wishing star. Ties into our aspirations for the coming year.

Matariki Star Printable

Print this Matariki star printable and colour it in a way that you think best represents each star.

Matariki printable

Click here to get the Matariki printable.

The 9 Stars Printable

9 stars of matariki printable

Matariki 9 stars printable.


Fact Sheet

To make things simpler we have put together this basic fact sheet outlining what each of the seven sisters represents. Print this sheet and use it as a resource to teach children about each of the stars. They can decide what colour or drawing they want to include in each portion of the Matariki star printable.

Matariki Fact Sheet

Matariki Fact Sheet Printable.

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