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5 Delicious Sugar Cookie Recipes

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July the 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day so we have found 5 of the most delicious looking sugar cookie recipes around. One recipe may be enough but why not really celebrate this fun day by testing out a few of these recipes are finding your favorite! To celebrate Sugar Cookie day all you have to do is enjoy eating sugar cookies, it can’t be much easier or more satisfying than that.

Sugar cookies are one of the easiest and most delicious cookies that you can make. Most sugar cookies include a base of sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, and either baking powder or baking soda but many recipes have added ingredients that add wonders to the overall flavor and texture of the cookie. No matter the recipe sugar cookies are so simple to make they are perfect to bake with kids or any beginner baker. These are our top 5 sugar cookie recipe choices that are certain to satisfy any cookie craving.

5 Delicious Sugar Cookie Recipes

5 delicious sugar cookie recipes

1. Super Soft Sugar Cookies

super soft sugar cookies

These amazing cookies are soft, fluffy and moist! These cookies contain sour cream which helps with the incredible texure and taste of the cookies. I Heart Naptime also gives three options for tasty icing/ frosting which complete these adorable cookies. If you are new to baking then this is one great recipe to try as lots of helpful tips are included with the recipe so you are sure to have sucess.

2. Funfetti Sugar Cookies

funfetti sugar cookies

It doesn’t get more fun than funfetti! These sugar cookies are made with melted butter, cream cheese, and vegetable oil which results in a soft and chewy texture. Perfect for birthday parties or for a special lunchbox treat. Get the recipe and find out more about these cookies over at Love & Olive Oil.

3. Brown Sugar Cookies

brown sugar cookies

Brown sugar really does make everything taste better! Because these sugar cookies are made with brown sugar they will naturally be chewier than regular sugar cookies made with white sugar. If you are after a simple sugar cookie recipe that is bursting with flavor then this is the recipe for you. Head over to Life Made Simple to get a copy of the recipe.

4. No Spread Sugar Cookie

no spread sugar cookies

If you are after a sugar cookie that will hold its shape when baking then this no spread recipe is perfect. It is a traditional recipe made with ingredients that you most likely already have at home if you like to bake. The Bearfoot Baker has the recipe and lots of great tips so you can achieve sugar cookie success.

5. Chocolate Sugar Cookies

chocolate sugar cookies

Get your chocolate fix with these yummy chocolate sugar cookies. With or without frosting/ icing they are equally as delicious. These cookies hold their shape well which makes them perfect if you are wanting to cut out shapes for a party. Get the recipe and find out more over at Brown Eyed Baker.

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