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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Now I am sure that there are plenty of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there that claim they are the best but in my opinion these cookies, right here are the best chocolate chip cookies!

They are super easy to prepare. No putting in the fridge for ages, simply add the ingredients, beat, fold and roll in balls. The most time-consuming part is rolling the balls but really that isn’t difficult at all!

These cookies have a crispy outer. If you like cookies to be very crisp then leave them in the over for a few minutes extra until they are a darker golden color. Want them softer, take them out of the oven just as they are starting to brown.

They are adaptable and are chock full of chocolate! By adaptable I mean you can add other goodies. A combination of dried apricots and chocolate is divine. Use a variety of different types of chocolate or add nuts. It is up to you! As long as you are adding roughly 200g of chocolate or alternatives you will end out with super tasty cookies.

There really isn’t anything not to love about these cookies. They are that good that I only make them when we are expecting guests otherwise I polish off way too many in one go.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

These cookies are super easy to make. First, you cream the butter and sugar together then add the vanilla and egg and beat further. Next, sift in the dry ingredients and stir with a wooden spoon. Finally, fold in the chocolate. Really that is all there is to it!

Just a note on the salt. If using salted butter then just add the tiniest pinch of salt, salt-free butter then go ahead and give it a good-sized pinch.

chocolate chip cookies recipe
the best chocolate chip cookies

I challenge you to find a better chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you do please share the recipe with us as I would love to break free and have an alternative great chocolate chip cookie recipe to add to our baking rotation.

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