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DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat

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Explore the ocean with this fun DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat. It is simple to put together and children will love moving the ocean creatures around to create their own original sea themes. To make it super easy we have provided a printable for you to print and cut out which contains all sorts of ocean creatures. Of course, you can get creative and include any other fishy animals that you desire.

DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat

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DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat

What is your favorite ocean creature? We are all about whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins, and stingrays in our home at the moment! In saying that, the first thing that Miss 6 did when she saw this DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat was to get out the felt and make the jellyfish to add to the ocean scene. Have a think about your favorite ocean animals and what extras you could add to complete your ocean play mat.

You Will Need

DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat Printable

Use the below printable to create the felt ocean creatures for the play mat. To do this cut out each item and then trace onto felt or pin onto the felt and cut around. The printable can be scaled up or down under the printer settings.

Ocean printable

Let’s Get Creating

How to make- DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat

Start by gathering all of the supplies listed under the, You Will Need list. We used a light blue felt as the base piece with dark blue as the water and yellow as the sand. These colors are ideal to use for your ocean scene base but you can use any other colors you happen to have already at home for your ocean creatures.

The base

Lay the light blue felt onto a flat surface. Take the dark blue and cut a wavy strip from the top section and then lay on top of the light blue. Next cut a strip of yellow felt to run along the bottom of the play mat as sand. We then cut out freehand some rock shapes and seaweed.

Make the sea creatures

Using paper scissors cut out all of the ocean animals from the printable. To cut these out of the felt the easiest way is to use a pin to pin on the individual animals and cut around them with the fabric scissors. Alternatively, the sea animals can be traced around using a pen and then cut out with fabric scissors. To add some dimension you can cut out fins and other detail pieces from extra felt and glue them onto the base of the sea creature. Have a close look at the photographs of our DIY ocean felt play mat to get a better idea of the placement of these extra felt pieces.

Once all of the pieces have been cut out move them all about on the ocean base to create many different lovely ocean scenes.

DIY Ocean Felt Play Mat

Other Felt Activities

Have a look at these tutorials below for more felt inspiration. We have other themed play mats and lots of great felt softies to make.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making this DIY ocean felt play mat today!

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