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Kids Monster Felt Faces

These kids monster felt faces came about when we left the kids to craft using the craft kit Miss 5 was given for her birthday. There really is nothing complicated about them which is why I love them so much! It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to create all sorts of defined creations from craft supplies but sometimes the most fun can be had when we are just creating. This is a simple monster craft that encourages creativity.

Sure you can cut your felt rectangles into exciting monster shapes or stuff them to transform them into toys if you need something a little more structured. There are plenty of ways we could have made this craft look more exciting for an adult but I suggest you simply put the items onto the table and just let your kids go for it! Who knows what type of felt monsters they will come up with, one thing is for sure they will have loads of fun!

Kids Monster Felt Faces

Kids Craft, Monster Felt Faces

You Will Need

I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy exactly what is on this list. If you have a craft kit for the kids then chances are you have enough crafting supplies all ready to make your own version of these Kids Monster Felt Faces. Consider cutting large sheets of felt to size or even using a thick card as a monster base. Like many of our kids crafts, there really is no right or wrong, the main thing is to have fun!

We used this craft kit that Miss 5 was gifted for her birthday. It has all of the supplies used to create these. kids fun felt craft monsters.

The items that were used were:

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felt monster face craft

What To Do

The best thing about these fun felt craft monsters is that it is pretty much-unguided fun! That means that you set up the activity and then let kids go for it. The hardest part will be resisting suggesting that they put an eye over there, or an extra pom pom here. To let creativity really flow make yourself a hot drink and sit down to supervise the fun the kids are having or get involved by making your own felt monster!

Really young children may need some help with gluing the items onto the felt and we have found that it can be easier to pour some glue into a small container where they can apply it with a bush. Alternatively, try to use items with adhesive on the back, often googly eyes and jewels come that way.

Gather all of your supplies and place on a table. Place each item in separate trays or bowls so children can focus on creating rather than sorting. If you have the above craft kit then all of the items come in separate compartments so it is just a matter of opening it up!

Show an example of our felt monsters or simply explain that the craft of the day is monster faces! This is a really simple craft that even the youngest of crafters can do.

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