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DIY Monster Felt Play Mat

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Have hours of fun with this DIY monster felt play mat! Create all sorts of shapes from felt, add some googly eyes, and then place them together to create all sorts of different monsters. Perfect for Halloween or to make any time of the year for monster loving kids!

This is a simple craft that suits all ages. Older children can cut and create their own play mats while toddlers and preschoolers will love building their own monster over and over again. This felt monster play mat would even make a great non-candy gift for Halloween!

DIY Monster Felt Play Mat

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DIY monster felt play mat

We have made a few play mats in the past and I am always surprised at how long it keeps our girls entertained! The idea is very simple; different felt shapes all cut out that are used to create something, in particular, this time MONSTERS.

We have made ice creams and a cute Easter play mat in the past but the thing that I loved most about the monster play mat is that our girls could make their own! The other play mats are fun and engaging and Miss 8 would be able to make them on her own but the monster playset can be made by any child who can use scissors. The reason for this being that there is no set pattern. Instead, the monsters are made from various different shapes.

You Will Need

Let’s Make A Monster Play Mat

Created by Miss 8

School-aged kids will love creating their own special DIY monster play mat! The best way to do this is to get out the supplies and sit down to make one yourself alongside the kids. By making one alongside the kids they will be gathering ideas and inspiration for their own play mat.

Start by selecting a base layer of felt. This is the piece of felt that the monster shapes will be placed onto. By selecting this piece first you can then choose colors that really stand out against the base felt color.

You will need a few large shapes to be used as both body and head pieces. If you have 4- 6 different head/ body shapes then many different monster combinations will be able to be made up!

Next cut some smaller pieces. Think about shapes that can be used for horns, legs, arms, and mouths. Small triangles are perfect to place onto your monster for teeth or spikes.

Finally gather a selection of googly eyes and pom-poms. These are lots of fun to use when building a monster! Other items such as yarn or sparkly craft box supplies can be added for extra fun.

Build A Monster

For younger children, you can precut all of the shapes for them to use to build their own monster. Help them to build their first monster, it is so much fun!

Place all of the pieces into piles. A pile for the head and body pieces. Arms, legs, mouth, and horns separately. Eyes and pom-poms can go into another pile.

Lay out the base piece of felt and then decide on a body part. Will this be the head or would you like to add a separate head shape? Add on legs and arms if using. Does your monster need horns? Finally add on the smaller details, teeth, and extra decorations.

Monster Books

To extend this activity why not read some monster books! Books about monsters have always been a favorite in our home. Here are some great monster books that your children are sure to love.

  • The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions– Unpack feelings with color in this international bestseller that helps young readers identify emotions and feel more in control.
  • How to Catch a Monster– A young ninja heads into the closet to meet the monster that’s been so scary night after night! But what if things aren’t what they seem and our monster isn’t scary at all? What if our ninja hero is about to make a friend of the strangest sort?
  • A Monster Wrote Me A Letter– A personal favorite, about a monster and a boy getting ready to meet each other.
monster felt play mat

Other Fun Monster Crafts

If you are after more monster fun then check out these great crafts below.

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Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed making a DIY monster felt play mat today!

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