How To Draw Birds

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Today Miss 4 asked me to draw a bird for her, I attempted and then quickly realized that I need a lesson on exactly how to draw birds. Thankfully she is 4 and her expectations of my bird drawing skills low but after looking at these bird drawing tutorials I am ready to wow her. Drawing birds is pretty simple when you know how!

From simple and cute to detailed birds there is a good range of bird drawing tutorials here. Most of these tutorials are for beginners however the last tutorial covers everything you could ever want to know on how to create a realistic bird, we recommend reading it through as it will enhance all bird drawings.

How To Draw Birds

how to draw birds

1. Simple Bird

Easy Drawing Guides are a reliable source of great how to draw tutorials. Each step of this bird illustrated using a detailed picture which results in a fabulous bird. Head over to Easy Drawing Guides to get the step-by-step tutorial.

2. Cute Bird

For a very basic and cute bird, this is the perfect bird to learn to draw. Children will love being able to create a drawing covered in these little cuties. Source link here.

3. Flamingo

how to draw flamingo

Miss 6 loves flamingos so this is one bird that must be included in this list! Learn To Draw Today shows us just how easy it is to draw our own lovely flamingo.

4. Peacock

how to draw peacock

The peacock is a detailed bird that is well worth the effort involved. This tutorial steps you through each stage in detail. From the body, to the tail so you will finish with a beautiful drawing.

5. Parrot

how to draw parrot

Draw a parrot in 6 easy steps! This is a great starter parrot which more detail can be added too later. Full tutorial and parrot facts found over at We Draw Animals.

6. Owl

how to draw owl

This drawing guide will get you drawing a simple and quick owl in no time. Perfect for kids learning to draw or to use as a base to extend. Tutorial from Chica Club.

6. Detailed Guide To Birds

Sketchbook has a detailed guide on how to draw almost all types of birds. The above is an example of waterfowl (duck, goose, and swan) but they also go into more detail on how to draw the face, wings, and feet. They cover everything from ostrich-like birds, to parrots and owls. If you are wanting to learn how to draw lifelike birds then this tutorial by Sketchbook is for you.

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