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How To Draw Llamas & Sloths

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Learn how to draw llamas & sloths with these easy to follow drawing tutorials. At the moment llamas and sloths are everywhere! On stationary, toys, wall hangings, you name it chances are you can get a llama or a sloth version of it. Why not customize your own stationery, clothes or any other item with your own hand-drawn llama or sloth!

Our girls absolutely love both the llama and the sloth so with these tutorials they can now draw their own llamas and sloths as the tutorials featured below are great for both young and old.

Before you get drawing you will need a few basic items. Mainly paper and some good quality pencils. Once you have mastered your llama or sloth then you may want to draw it with ink or color it in with coloring pencils. We are loving this H & B Sketching Pencils Set, it contains both coloring pencils and a great range of sketching pencils. They also have smaller kits available without the coloring pencils, perfect for people who want to focus on their sketching.

How To Draw Llamas & Sloths

how to draw llamas & sloths


Let’s start with llamas! Click the link below the images to be taken to the full drawing tutorials.

how to draw llamas

1. How 2 Draw Animals Llama

how to draw a llama

How 2 Draw Animals provides us with an easy to follow step-by-step picture tutorial with excellent written tips as well as a video. You will be drawing these cute cartoon llamas in next to no time.

2. Drawing 101 Llama

llama drawing tutorial

Drawing tutorials 101 brings us a great tutorial on how to draw a life like llama. They have a step-by-step tutorial as well as a video so you will be drawing llamas with ease before you know it.

3. Llama In 8 Steps

llama drawing tutorial

Draw a llama in 8 easy steps thanks to the tutorial from We Draw Animals. They have even included a section of fun facts about llamas. Our favorite fun fact about llamas: Llamas are known to spit. They do this to establish dominance. Their spit can reach a distance of at least 15 feet!

4. Spit Happens

how to draw a llama

Spit happens, especially with this adorable llama. Diary Of A Journal Planner has shown us how to draw this cute llama and they have a series of other easy llamas to draw so be sure to check out their website!

5. Llamacorn

If the average llama isn’t quite cool enough then this llamacorn might be the llama for you! This adorable drawing tutorial is from Draw So Cute. Be sure to check out her range of drawing tutorials as they really as so totally cute!


Draw your llama a friend with these awesome sloth drawing tutorials. Sure llamas and sloths are not related, nor do they live in the same place but part of the fun with drawing is being able to create something original and unexpected.

how to draw a sloth

1. Three-Toed Sloth

sloth drawing tutorial

This three-towed sloth is just hanging out. This great straightforward drawing tutorial by Greg Ham and was found over at That Sloth Blog.

2. Splendid Scribbles

Splendid Scribbles shows us just how easy it is to draw a sloth. We think he is totally adorable!

3. Easy Drawing Guides Sloth

how to draw a sloth

For a more realistic sloth try this easy sloth tutorial from Easy Drawing Guides. This is a full tutorial where a detailed description is given for each step which will help to ensure you have sloth drawing success!

4. Cute Cartoon Sloth

how to draw a cartoon sloth

This is one sloth that doesn’t like to hang. Instead, he looks like he might be grooving to some music. No matter what he is doing this is one cool sloth to draw! Get the full tutorial over at Drawing How To Draw.

5. Sketch Book Nation Sloth

sketch book sloth tutorial

For a very realistic sloth, you can’t go past this tutorial from Sketch Book Nation. This is a step-by-step tutorial where they also explain what do at each step so drawing this sloth is much easier than it looks.


llama and sloth coloring page

Or skip the drawing and start straight with the coloring with this adorable sloth and llama coloring printable. It is free to print out from Crayola.

how to draw animals

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