How To Draw Animals

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Do you struggle with drawing basic animals? Maybe you have children who ask you to draw but it’s a struggle to make out which animal you have drawn. Worry no more as these step by step instructions will turn even the most drawing challenged into an artist! Learn how to draw animals the easy way.

All of these step-by-step animal drawings are for very easy basic animals which make them perfect for beginner drawers. Keep reading to find out how to draw animals.

How To Draw Animals

1. Duck


Draw this cute little duck in 5 easy steps. Found at Activity Village.

2. Letter B Bunny Rabbit



Transform the letter B into a bunny rabbit. If you are wanting more letter rabbits your click here to find out how to also draw G, U and D rabbits.

3. How To Draw Cats


Head over to Dr Odd to find many different step-by-step ways to draw a cat. Whether you want a sitting cat, a realistic looking cat or a funny looking jumping cat, there is sure to be a cat for you!

4. Cows From Basic Shapes


These cows are super easy to draw and all use basic shapes as a base. Click here to find the instructions.

5. Mouse and 8 Other Easy Animals


This little mouse is so cute and easy to draw. Click here to see the other 8 animals.

6. Various Birds


These lovely birds are from an antique drawing book. All are so simple but are very lifelike.


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