painted rock animals

Incredible Rock Art Creations

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When I first contacted Tyree Daugherty about her incredible rock art creations I knew how talented she was but what I didn’t know was how extensive her rock art collection is. Thankfully today we get to show you some of her truly amazing collection!

Tyree has created all sorts from rocks and pebbles but her main focus is on animals. Her rock creations are sure to inspire anyone who loves rock decorating. So whether you are new to rock painting or very experienced I am sure you find some new ideas and have a great appreciation for Tyree’s work.

As well as the many stunning photographs of Tyree’s painted rock art creations we have some visual tutorials. These visual tutorials will give you an excellent idea of how to go about creating your own incredible rock art creations.

Incredible Rock Art Creations

Painted rock animals

Tyree specializes in taking rocks and pebbles and gluing them together to resemble different shapes. Once the glue has dried she then paints them. A white coat provides a great base before painting with her hand-picked color of choice. As you will see in the photos her creativity is amazing.

Today we are featuring just part of her collection. But don’t worry as there is plenty of inspiration to be found right here. A big thank you to Tyree for allowing us to show the world your work!

Painted rock art

As you can see from these photographs much of Tyree’s work centers around animals however she does at times work on other pieces that inspire her.

We love the addition of fur onto the furry cats featured at the bottom of the above photo. Above we have puppies, a fairy, badger, bunnies, owls, a crab and so many more amazing painted rock creations.

DIY Rock painting

Tyree does include unpainted rocks into her work at times. The bear taking a bath is the perfect example of how to work with both painted rocks and natural rocks in a seamless fashion.

Rock Octopus

painted rock art octopus

To make a rock octopus firstly select the correct number of rocks needed. Figure out the placement and then glue. Paint in your desired color before adding on the facial features.

Rock Cats

painted rocks cats

These adorable rock cats look like they totally relaxed. A great example of what a difference adding color makes to the finished rock art project.

Rock Lion

Painted Rock lion

So many small pebbles make up these adorable lion manes. If recreating your own rock lion make sure you don’t forget the ears and a super cute face.

Rock Giraffe

Rock giraffe

This painted rock giraffe is one stand out piece. The added painted detailing and the fur really helps to bring this incredible painted rock giraffe to life.

Rock Teddy Bear

Painted rock teddy bear

Who knew it was possible to get a bunch of rocks looking so soft and cuddly! With the addition of some cotton wool, it is possible to create a stuffed bear from rocks.

Simple Rock Lion

Simple DIY painted lion rocks

This simple rock lion is a great glued painted rock project to start with if you are new to rock painting. It is a step up from a single painted rock and uses just four rocks so it shouldn’t get too complicated or overwhelming.

Start by selecting and gluing your rocks together. Paint the base coats and then add the painted details.

Rock Rabbits

painted rock rabbits

As you can see there is a variety of different ways to create rabbits from rocks. We love the addition of the little bunny tails and the variety of different colors used on all of the rabbits.

You may find this hard to believe but this isn’t all of Tyree Daugherty’s work! Currently, she doesn’t have a website or a Facebook page but we are hopeful that she will in the future so we can keep track of all of her amazing work.

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