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5 Amazing Sweet Lemon Recipes

We have two lemon trees on our property, one of them almost always is full of lemons. Currently, there are so many lemons that I can’t give them away or use them fast enough. Because of my amazing trees, I have tested out MANY lemon based recipes. Here are 5 of the most amazing lemon recipes which I have made before, some of them over and over again. I hope you enjoy these recipes and if you have any other amazing lemon recipes please let me know!

5 Amazing Sweet Lemon Recipes

1. The Most Lemony Of Lemon Muffins


The title The Most Lemony Of Lemon Muffins is a very accurate description of these muffins. I love lemon so there is no such thing as too much lemon flavor for me however some in my family found these too lemony. An easy problem to fix as the super lemon fix comes from the addition of the lemon syrup after baking so you can add as little or as much as you like to suit the taste you like. Click here for the recipe.

2. Easy Homemade Lemonade


This is the lemonade that I have been making since being a child. It is super quick and easy to make and tastes amazing. Follow this link for the recipe.

3. Creamy Lemon Crumble Bars


I think about these creamy lemon crumble bars pretty much every week. Do I bake them? No! The only reason why I don’t bake them every week is that they are so delicious and I have no restraint when it comes to eating tasty baking. This is the perfect slice to bake when you are expecting guests! Get the recipe here.

4. Lemon Bars

These traditional lemon bars are a real treat and have a great tangy lemon flavor. These lemon bars also work perfectly with gluten-free flour. Follow this link to get the recipe.  


5. Lemon And Coconut Bliss Balls


These lemon and coconut bliss balls are the perfect guilt-free treat. No cooking is involved so they are very easy to make. Pop the ingredients into a food processor, blend and roll into balls, then keep in the fridge. So simple! Click here for the recipe.


9 Diy Jewelry Boxes

Here are 9 Diy Jewelry Boxes which will help to keep your jewelry organized. If you have your jewelry scatted around the place or thrown in a draw then this is the project for you! There is something for everyone here, from kids jewelry boxes to a wooden from scratch box. There is no need to buy an expensive jewelry box which isn’t quite to your taste when you can make and decorate your own!

1. Cigar Box Turned Jewelry Box


You can easily turn an old cigar box into an amazing jewelry box. I absolutely love the scrapbook paper they have used on top of this box, the hardest part will be picking what paper you use. Find the tutorial here.

2. Egg Carton Jewelry Box


This is a great one to do with children. Red Ted Art has the directions for this decoupage paper design as well as a cool painted pirate treasure chest design.

3. Easy Wooden Jewelry Box


This wooden jewelry box would make a perfect gift for a loved one. Made from scratch it is sure to impress! Find the plans here.

4. Chocolate Box Jewelry Box


Another jewelry box which would make a fun activity to make with children but with a finish which would make anyone happy. The perfect gift to make for mom or grandma! Click here to find out more.

5. Book Jewelry Box


Turn an old book into this very cool jewelry box. A simple to make yet very original jewelry box idea. Read more here.

6. Diy Bamboo Jewelry Box

This incredible jewelry box is made out of a bamboo place mat and some cardboard.

7. Cardboard Jewelry Box



This is a fantastic jewelry box made out of cardboard. Decorate with any paper to suit your personal taste. This link has the instructions as well as a helpful video tutorial.

8. Secret Box


When closed this jewelry box looks like a plain box but when it opens it has these amazing secret compartments. This jewelry box can be decorated in many different ways to appeal to individual styles. Perfect for both the young and old. Click here for the full tutorial.

9. Diy Ring Box


This diy ring box is made from a cardboard box and hair rollers. A fabulous way to store and display all of your beautiful rings. View the tutorial here.

7 Musical Kids Crafts

We have found 7 Musical Kids Crafts which all musical crafty kids will love. These activities will keep children entertained, starting with making them and then hours of fun playing with them afterwards! Music is very important in the early years as it assists in the development of listening skills, concentration, coordination, cooperation, communication and memory, as well as being a valuable resource for creativity. Information on the benefits of children and music can be found here. These 7 musical kids crafts will encourage creativity, develop musical skills and most importantly be lots of fun.

1. Rattle Drum


Easy to make (with a little help from an adult) and lots of fun to decorate this rattle drum is a fantastic activity to complete. Click here to find the instructions.

2. Musical Rainstick


Craft, science and music this musical rainstick is three activities in one! The directions can be found here.

3. Finger Cymbals


These finger cymbals are made out of everyday recyclable items. Lots of painting and dancing fun here! Click here for the full tutorial.

4. Cardboard Guitar


This is one super cool guitar that all children will love! Take it to the next level by decorating it with paint, stickers and any other decorations you have on hand. Follow this link for the detailed tutorial.

5. Diy Popsicle Stick Harmonica


A quick and simple project to make a fun popsicle stick harmonica. This musical kids craft is perfect when the kids are wanting to craft and you are short on time! Click here for the full tutorial.

6. Bongo Shaker


A bongo drum and shaker in one! This is a fabulous way to upcycle some use tin cans. More details can be found by clicking here.

7. Diy Musical Strummies


A fun and simple activity for young children. All that is needed is a cardboard lid and some rubber bands. You can extend this play buy counting the strings and decorating the boxes. Find out more here.




8 Colorful Re-purposed Tire Projects

Here are 8 colorful re-purposed tire projects which will add a pop of color to your garden. Disposing tires is a growing problem in the world, so why not do your part for the environment by re-purposing old tires. There are many different diy tire projects around but these ones all have a busrt of color which we love!

8 Colorful Re-purposed Tire Projects

re-purposed tire projects

1. Tire Planter Stack


This tire planter stack looks great and puts to use many old tires. Click here to view the detailed instructions here.

2. Tire Swing


When I think of re-purposing tires the first thing that comes to mind is a tire swing! This tire swing is simple to hang, lots of fun and has a fun color finish. Follow this link for the tutorial.

3. Tire Wishing Well Planter


Wow! I absolutely love this wishing well tire planter. The tires can be painted any color desired. This wishing well is sure to get lots of comments and is truly a fantastic use for any old tires! More details can be found by clicking here.

4. Tire Frog


This is one of the colorful re-purposed tire projects that kids are sure love. Bright and fun, this frog will be a great addition for any garden. Click here to view the tutorial.

5. Tire Planter


A tire planter that doesn’t look like it is a tire! These beautiful planters are the perfect spot to grow some lovely flowers. The full tutorial can be found here.

6. Diy Tire Dog Bed


This adorable dog look so content sitting in his new bed. I love the pink that the dog bed has been painted. Such a different and useful idea using an old tire. Click here to find the instructions.

7. Tire Climber


There is no need to spend a lot of money on outdoor play equipment when you can make a variety of fun things for a fraction of the cost. This tire climber will keep kids occupied for ages! Click here for the full tutorial.

8. Hanging Tire Planter


A cool way to grow flowers this tire planter adds a touch of cottage charm to any outdoor seating space. Diy Show Off has the tutorial and also shows an alternative way to hang this planter from a tree.

5 Eyeliner Tutorials

Today we have found 5 eyeliner tutorials which will give you all of the tips and direction you need to create the perfect eyeliner look. One thing I struggle with when doing my makeup is applying eyeliner. It really is something that can be so easy to get wrong. Often I just apply a pencil eyeliner and then blend it into my eyeshadow as that seems to be the most foolproof way to apply it without it being a disaster.  Now after watching these tutorials, I  feel confident that I can achieve all sorts of different eyeliner looks and I hope you will too!

5 Eyeliner Tutorials

1. Winged Eyeliner- Dot Technique

The winged eye is a very popular look and one that can be hard to achieve. I like this tutorial because Elimer McElheron uses a dot technique which is simple for the eyeliner challenged (like me) to follow.

2. Winged Eyeliner/ Cat Eye

If the dot technique is not your thing then Makeup By Alli shows another way to achieve this popular look. This video is definitely worth a watch!

3. Cat Eye  

This is the ultimate cat eye look! Jaclyn Hill shows us how to achieve the cat eye and it isn’t as difficult as it looks. The video looks long but she covers the whole face makeup look and the eyeliner tutorial is at the start!

4. Smokey Eye 

This is the eyeliner look I normally go for as it is fairly simple to do. Lisa Eldridge shows us how to achieve this look. Check out her other tutorials as they are all amazing!

5. Graphic Eyeliner

Here is a sleek eyeliner look perfect for a big night out! Our last of our 5 eyeliner tutorials is a step-by-step photo tutorial. This is an incredible eyeliner look! Click here to read the full tutorial. 



11 Diy Remodeled Lampshades

Do you have an old lamp sitting at home that is in desperate need of some modernizing? Or perhaps you have a plain white lampshade like this one which is waiting to be transformed into something amazing! Either way these 11 diy remodeled lampshades with provide you with all the inspiration you need to create the lampshade of your dreams.

1. Diy Rope Lampshade


Grab yourself some rope and make this cool lampshade. We love the use of the different colored ropes! To find out more, click here.

2. Chevron Lampshade


I’m sure most people love gold and chevron so this combo on a lampshade was always going to be a win! This look is easy to achieve, using tape and paint. Click here to find out more.

3. City Lights Lampshade


This diy city lights lampshade is super fun. When the light is off it looks like a plain black lampshade but when the light is on it shows this amazing city lights image. You could do all sorts of designs and it would be great in a kids bedroom. I know my kids would be amazed by this lampshade! Follow this link for the tutorial.

4. Crisscross Lampsade


This amazing crisscross lampshade is made from ribbons. Any color combination is possible here, making it perfect for any room in your house. Find out more here.

5. Vintage Map Lampshade


There is something I just love about maps in diy projects and home-wares; maybe because it reminds me of being on holiday! This vintage map lamp would look perfect in a home office. Find out how it is done over at, Pretty Handy Girl.

6. Diy Photo Lamp


This photo lampshade is a fantastic way to display some of your favorite photos. This is one lamp I want! Click here for the full tutorial.

7. Word Lampshade


Handwritten words are such a great way to modernize a lamp. This lamp would look great in any room of the house. I especially love the idea of writing a personalized message to a loved one, this will be forever treasured. Follow this link to find out more.

8. Yarn Ombre Lampshade


This is one of our favorite 11 diy remodeled lampshades. Using yarn the lampshade is completely transformed. This is a easy project which doesn’t cost much. Head over to Vintage Revivals to view their detailed tutorial.

9. Ruffled Burlap Lampshade


This ruffled burlap lampshade is a work of beauty. Sure to add a touch of elegance to any room. Learn more here.

10. Easy Ribbon Lampshade


It can’t get much simpler than this easy ribbon lampshade. Follow this link to find out more.

11. Tapered To Drum Lampshade


Now you can diy yourself a drum lampshade from your old tapered one! The ultimate tutorial for a new look. Why not do this tutorial and then cover it with one of the above ideas? This lampshade is sure to make a difference to your home.



6 Rad Robot Activities For Young Children

Here are 6 rad robot activities for young children that will keep robot loving kids happy. My two year old is all about Robots, Monsters and Bears at the moment so I know she will love to do all of these activities. From games, coloring to stacking robots you will be sure to find something fun to do here!

1. Build And Stack Robots


Forget the kids I want to make these for me! Children will love making these as much as they will enjoy stacking them afterwards. So many different fun combinations, these will keep children entertained for ages! More details can be found by clicking here.

2. Gliding Robot


This link has a free printable robot template to make this rad robot activity. Have fun building him and then watching him glide up and down.

3. Build A Robot Preschool Game


A fun and educational game for your preschooler that they will love playing! Follow this link to find out more.

4. Magnetic Robot Art With Tin Cans


I love any project with involves recycled items and this magnetic robot does just that. Using an old tin can, magnets and other craft supplies such as googly eyes and pom poms this fun robot is created. For more information click here.

5. Design Your Own Robot


A fun magnetic design your robot activity. Mix your robot up to make all sorts of funny looking robots. Discover how to make this robot activity here.

6. Rr Is For Robot Coloring Sheet


This follow the dot coloring sheet is perfect for preschoolers who are learning their letters. Click here to get the free printable.


Quick Playdough Recipe

There are lots of different playdough recipes out there but this quick playdough recipe works well every time. It doesn’t require many ingredients and is quick and easy to make. There really isn’t anything bad about this quick playdough recipe!

My girls love adding the dry ingredients and then watching me stir in the boiling water, seeing the color transform the dough. I then give them the dough for the final kneading process. I normally divide this recipe in half, making it in two bowls so we end out with two different colors.

Quick Playdough Recipe

Now updated with printable recipe.

Quick Playdough recipe

Mostly when you want playdough you want it quickly. As parents of young children, we don’t want to be messing around with multiple steps or hard to come by ingredients. This is why in our home we use this recipe. It is so quick and easy that the kids can even help!

Playdough base

This quick playdough uses a base of just four ingredients. Flour, vegetable oil, salt, and boiling water. It also contains cream of tatar which helps to create softer playdough while also helping to preserve the playdough so it lasts longer. If you don’t have the cream of tatar the playdough will still mix up fine and the salt will help to preserve the dough for quite some time. Sometimes we add some lemon juice as a substitute to the cream of tatar, it isn’t quite the same but little hands know no difference.

The flour, vegetable oil, salt, and cream of tatar is added before the boiling water is poured over. Children can take part in measuring the ingredients and after the adult pours the water and gives it the initial stir they can also help with additional stirs and kneading once the dough has cooled.

Adding extras

Once the playdough has been kneaded and you are happy with the consistency it is time to add any fun extras. Food coloring, glitter, and essential oils for scent can all be added. Rosemary or lavender can even be added to create textured playdough. If your child is likely to taste the playdough avoid adding glitter or essential oils!

play dough

Set Up and Play

You now have some lovely playdough which will keep the kids occupied for a good long time.

Our girls are at the ages where they LOVE cut up straws and little wooden sticks to stick into the play dough. We have spent many hours making cute playdough monsters by adding on googly eyes. Lots of fun for all ages!

child playing with playdough

Think about what your children may like. Have a look through your craft box or go exploring outside. Consider stamps or press leaves into the dough and see if they leave a print.

Roll into little balls and count them or make it into worms. Lots of fun and learning is involved when playing with playdough!

Make sure you store your playdough in an airtight container to ensure it lasts for many playdough sessions.

quick play dough

9 Diy Bathroom Ideas

Is your bathroom ready for a change? Having a full bathroom renovation costs lots of money but you can make a big difference by making a few small changes. We have found 9 diy bathroom ideas which will give your bathroom a fresh new look.

1. Create Shelves


Create shelves look great and are a fantastic use of space. They are a easy and affordable to make making them a perfect shelving solution! Click here to find the instructions.

2. Ocean Stone Bath Mat


This is one super cool ocean stone bath mat! It is sure to make your bathroom a happy space. Find out how it is done here. In need of some pebbles? You can buy them here.

3. Dresser Turned Vanity


If you are wanting to create a dream cottage/ rustic bathroom then this is one of the diy bathroom project ideas you need! This vanity is made from an old dresser which is a great way to upcycle an unneeded piece of furniture. Follow this link for the tutorial.

4. Diy Wooden Silhouette Toothbrush Holder


There is no need to buy a toothbrush holder when you can make a unique and trendy one yourself. Head over to The Merry Thought to get the directions.

5. Diy Mosaic Tile Mirror


Transform a drab mirror into a tiled mosaic beauty like this one. It looks very expensive and will give your bathroom a new fresh look. Click here for the full tutorial.

6. Diy Drawer Organizer


This drawer organizer won’t make a visual difference to your bathroom but it will make your drawers so much more usable. Once you do one drawer you will want to do them all! Find out more here.

7. Rope Towel Holder


This diy rope towel holder is perfect to bring a beach house feeling. A big bonus is how quick and simple this look is to achieve. The instructions can be found here.

8. Window Box Bathroom Storage


These gorgeous window box baskets make the ideal storage solution for a small bathroom. They are great for holding toilet rolls and spare towel in as well as other bathroom odds and ends. Click here to find out more.

9. Decorative Fishing Net Jars


Add a touch of the seaside with these stunning fishing net jars. Great with a candle while relaxing in the bath. Follow this link to find out more.

Check out our 10 ways to upcycle towels post to find another great bathmat, washcloth and other great tutorials all made from towels.

For your convenience this post may contain affiliate links.  




5 Purrfect Diy Projects For Cat Lovers

Cats really are the purrfect animals, they are cuddly, fun and low maintenance. They truly all have their individual personalities and are part of the family. We all love to treat our favorite fur babies but buying new from the pet store can be so expensive! Don’t buy when you can make one of these, 5 purrfect diy projects for cat lovers. They are all fun and cheap to make and your cat will love you for it!

5 Purrfect Diy Projects For Cat Lovers

1. Diy Cactus Scratching Post

cat scratch post diy

Every cat loves to scratch so this is a purrfect gift for your furry friend. This totally adorable cat scratching post is made from pipes covered in rope. A major improvement on your standard cat scratch post! Head over to Best Friends Pizza Club to read the full tutorial.

2. Cat Teepee


Give kitty a home with this adorable kitty teepee! It looks much more complicated to make than it really is. Black kitty teepee link is no longer active but head over to Local Adventurer to find out how they made one for their adorable ginger puss.

3. Cat Nip Toy


This is one good looking cat toy that your cat will love! This is easy and fun to make, making it one purrfect craft. The full tutorial can be found here.

4. Easy Diy Pet Feeder


This pet feeder comes in two different looks so you can pick one to match your cats personality or maybe the decor of your house. Making one of these is a great way to transform a drab cat feeding space into something wonderful. You can find the detained tutorials by clicking here.

5. Diy Sweater Cat Bed


Don’t share your bed with your cat, just your sweater! I love re-purposing unwanted items into new items so this is my favorite purrfect diy projects for cat lovers. This diy cat sweater bed is super easy to make and is sure to become your cats new favorite place to sleep. The tutorial is no longer active but with a bit of sewing and stuffing it isn’t hard to transform an old sweater into a comfy cat bed.