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How To Make A Fairy Garden

Have you wondered how to make a fairy garden? Or maybe you are interested in different fairy garden ideas. A fairy garden is such an easy but enjoyable project to create with children.

We made one at home by painting a terracotta pot, filling with soil, planting some small flowers, and then finally decorating with some pebbles and a fairy. It didn’t take long at all to complete and my girls had a blast making it, so much so that I am sure we will me making more fairy gardens in the future. I have found some examples of different fairy gardens to try, a short video tutorial which shows you just how easy it is to make a fairy garden and tutorials on how to make a toadstool and fairy door to complete the fairy garden of your dreams.

How To Make A Fairy Garden

1. Fairy Garden Video Tutorial

I love this video as it shows you exactly how to make a fairy garden. This is a simple fairy garden in a pot that anyone is able to create.

2. Tree Base Fairy Garden


A magical fairy garden at the base of one of your trees. I love the little fairy stepping stones as well as the addition of the tree windows. Click here for more inspirational photos.

3. Barrel Fairy Garden


Included here are detailed instructions on how to recreate this barrel fairy garden.  All the finer details that need to be considered (such as plant choice) are written about in the tutorial so it is worth a read. My favorite thing in this fairy garden is the little fairy pond.

4. Broken Pot Fairy Garden


There is no need to throw out broken pots when you could make it into a fairy garden. Click here for the full tutorial.

This is a great broken pot fairy garden using store-bought decorations. Decorations like these are readily available online, at bargain stores and often at garden centers. Visit Restoration Redoux to find out more.

5. Fairy Door


How cool are these fairy doors! So simple to make you could make a variety for the trees around your house or put one in your potted fairy garden. Find out more here.

6. Fairy Garden Toadstools


Make your fairy garden complete by making one of these fairy garden toadstools. Fairygardens.com has both a video tutorial and step by step instructions.



10 Egg Carton Animals

There is something so satisfying about doing crafts from recycled items, so I am very excited to be able to share this list of 10 egg carton animals! These egg carton crafts will keep kids of all ages occupied. From ladybugs to caterpillars there is an adorable egg carton animal for everyone!

Click on the links under each photo to be taken directly to the tutorial to find out exactly how to recreate the egg carton animal craft of your choice. Happy crafting!

10 Egg Carton Animals

egg carton animals

1. Ladybugs


My pom-pom loving girls are going to have so much fun making these cute little ladybugs. Simple to make these will be a hit with younger crafters. Crafts By Amanda has all of the instructions.

2. Egg Carton Giraffe Mask


Such a fantastic idea! You could easily take this idea and make many other fun animal masks. The tutorial no longer exists but with some cutting, gluing and painting it is easy to recreate this awesome giraffe mask!

3. Tiny Turtle


This egg carton tiny turtle is such a cutie. More details can be found by clicking here.

4. Trio Of Egg Carton Animals


Not one but three charming egg carton animals. Which one is your favorite? It is hard to pick but the bunny rabbit is beyond adorable. Click here to find the instructions.

5. Egg Carton Dragon


Kidspot has created this fierce-looking egg carton dragon. They have included a video tutorial along with instructions and a free printable for the extra dragon parts.

6. Egg Carton Penguin Magnet


We love magnets and my youngest daughter loves penguins so this egg carton penguin magnet is certain to be a winner in our home. Click here to find out more.

7. Handprint Egg Carton Owl


How much fun does this look! You can create this craft art from a handprint with added egg carton eyes and feathers. Head over to Crafty-Crafted to find out more.

8. Egg Carton Caterpillar


Another fun egg carton animal idea is this cute caterpillar. I just love the author’s sons caterpillar over on Creative Green Living as I am certain my girls would do the same thing with the pom-poms, adding as many as possible and needing ears and a nose!

9. Easy Egg Carton Penguins


Another egg carton penguin craft as these are too cute not to include. Simple to make all of the details can be found by clicking here.

10. Egg Carton Bee


This bee is a great craft activity for an older child or perhaps with a bit of help for the young kids. Follow this link for the tutorial.

Other Fun Crafts To Make

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you have enjoyed these fun egg carton crafts!

6 Amazing Diy Key Holders

How many times have you been frantically running all over the house in search of your keys? If misplacing your keys is a consistent problem then a diy key holder project is just what you need! We have found 6 amazing diy key holder tutorials, so read on to find out which one best suits your house.

1. Birdhouse Key Holder


Such an adorable diy key holder to store your keys. This birdhouse key holder is easy to make and will certainly bring a smile to your face whenever you drop off or collect your keys. Click here for the detailed tutorial.

2. Recycled Wood Sign Key Holder


Do you have a favorite quote? If so where better to put it than in a spot where you will get to read it most days. Over The Apple Tree uses a really cool technique to transfer printed words onto the wood so you don’t even need nice handwriting to make this diy key holder look amazing.

3. Entry Message Center


No more excuses for piles of mess at your front door (or is that just in my home?).  With this entry message center you will have a place for everything you could possibly want or need at the door. Store your keys and mail, write notes and hang your bag in one convenient spot.

4. Diy Photo Key Holder


Make use of a frame and not only display a photo you love but also create a safe space for your keys. An easy, quick idea which looks great. Find out more here.

5. Driftwood Key Holder


For a unique look turn a piece of driftwood into a feature diy key holder. Restoration House has a tutorial showing you how.

6. Mason Jar Key Holder


I just love this mason jar hook idea! This could also be used in the bathroom for towels or the bedroom to hang coats. Learn more here. If you are looking for other mason jar ideas be sure to check out our mason jar diy section here.

8 Ways to Upcycle A Chest of Drawers

We have some old drawers that have been sitting in our garage for the last couple of years, they are in need of upcycling but I had put that project in the too hard basket until now. If you have drawers in need of a make over, this list of 8 ways to upcycle a chest of drawers, will help to inspire you. The difference between the before and after photos are incredible!

When it comes to upcycling furniture there are so many different ways to do it! The results can differ greatly even when using the same technique. Take stenciling, for example, the stencil used will make a huge difference in the finished product. We love this cool sunflower stencil, equally we love this set of six stencils but using one from the other will totally differ the look and feel of the furniture upcycle. These 8 ways to upcycle a chest of drawers doesn’t just cover stenciling, it also includes great techniques such as decoupage, Ombré, and texture. We are sure that you will find a style to suit your upcycle here!

8 Ways to Upcycle A Chest of Drawers

8 ways to upcycle a chest of drawers

1. Stenciled Chest of Drawers

1-8-ways-to-upsycle- a-chest-of-drawers

Stenciling your chest of drawers is a simple way of upcycling your draws and gives an impressive result. This Indian inlay stenciled chest of drawers is quite complicated because of the use of different colors and different stencils but you can achieve a similar but simpler look by using only two different colors.

2. Diy Wood Shim Dresser


Why not upcycle a chest of drawers into something that looks expensive and is stylish with this wood shim technique. Wood shims are stained before being glued onto the existing drawers. How simple is that!

3. Mirror Front Dresser


If you had have told me that sticking mirrors on a dresser was a good idea I would have doubted you but this looks incredible! This is such a big transformation and I love the color used. Click here for the full tutorial.

4. Ombré Diy Drawers


The ombré effect has been around and very popular on many things for a while (think hair, walls, clothes and even cakes) so it is no surprise to see it on furniture. This would be a great look for a child’s bedroom and is much more interesting than one solid color.  Follow this link to find out how to create this look.

5. Decoupage Dresser


Decoupage is the art of decorating an object with glued paper cutouts and then sealing with varnish. The result looks like an amazing piece of painted artwork. Martha Stewart has more information on this interesting technique.

6. Lace Dresser


Such a feminine pretty look which is achieved by placing lace onto the drawers and then spraying with paint. Click here to find out more.

7. Striped Upcycle Chest Of Drawers


Restoration Redoux has upcycled a drab brown antique into this fresh white and pink striped chest of drawers. My girls would absolutely adore this!

8. Diy Textured Chest Of Drawers


Upcycle a chest of drawers using textured wallpaper which is then painted over. Using wallpaper is a great way to upcycle furniture and Girl In The Garage has really taken it to the next level using this technique on a chest of drawers.

This post contains affiliate links. These links add no cost to you but we earn a small commission from linked sales which goes towards the maintenance of diyThought. Thank you for your support!

10 Diy Face Masks for Healthy Skin

There is no need to spend lots of money on expensive store bought face masks when you can make your own at home. Many of your everyday foods contain natural healing properties. The key is knowing how these foods are helpful so you can target the right ingredients to your skins needs, after all there isn’t much point in using an acne mask on dry skin which needs moisturizing!  Here is a list of 10 diy face masks for healthy skin, I am certain you will find one perfect for your skin!

1. Strawberry Face Mask


Strawberries are known for there antioxidants and astringent properties so are good at removing dead skin cells as well as preventing the signs of ageing. A win right there! They also help to keep the complexion clear, minimize lines, brighten skin, reduce the occurrence of acne and helps with acne scaring. Follow this link to find four different strawberry masks; one for acne, one for oily skin, a tightening one as well as a delicious one for dry skin.

2. Nourishing Avocado Face Mask


Avocado is a natural moisturizer so is great for your skin, it is also rich in antioxidants so helpful for any fine lines and wrinkles you may have.  The vitamin A in the bananas helps to restore moisture and repair damaged, dull, and dry skin. Olive oil is also ultra moisturizing and has anti ageing properties so its safe to say this is one fantastic mask if your skin feels like it need a moisture boost. Find out more here.

3. Coconut Yogurt Mask


This fabulous looking face mask is super soothing and gives your face such a healthy glow. It feels very light and refreshing and the ingredients help to remove dead cells, moisturise your face and fight off any blemishes to leave you at your most beautiful. Made from spirulina, chlorella, yogurt, honey and lemon your skin is sure to feel amazing after. Deliciously Ella has the recipe.

4. Acne Miracle Mask


This nutmeg, honey, milk mask sounds amazing! Nutmeg is great at fighting blemishes, while the honey helps heal and the milk exfoliates! If you suffer from acne this is the mask for you! Click here to find out how to make this mask.

5. Anti Aging Face Mask


Containing cocoa, avocado, green tea, honey and oatmeal this face mask is an anti ageing facial treat. Click here to find out how simple this mask is to make.

6. Sensitive Skin Cucumber Oat Mask


This face mask is a great option to nourish and hydrate your skin. Cucumbers have long been used for their soothing properties and oats are known for their ability to hydrate. Both cucumbers and oats are gentle enough for sensitive skin. Follow this link to find out more.

7. Lemony Baking Soda Mask for Whiteheads


Baking soda and lemon juice are a powerful acne-fighting combination. They are both great for gentle exfoliation and lemon juice can penetrate buildup and remove impurities, leading to tighter, cleaner skin less prone to breakouts. Livingstrong.com has the recipe for the baking soda and lemon juice mask as well as a scrub to get your skin extra clean.

8. Moisturizing Orange Face Mask


If you are wanting a good all round face mask then you should try this one! Orange juice is packed full of zinc and antioxidants. Oatmeal and dried orange peel are excellent for gently exfoliating the dead skin cells from your face. Honey is naturally antibacterial and also is good for tightening your skin. Yogurt moisturizes, reduces the size of your pores, and even helps with break-outs. This mask from Food + Words is fast to make and can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.

9. Oatmeal, Honey, Banana Scrub Mask


A scrub and mask in one! When it is first applied you massage it in which is where the oats start to work their exfoliating charm, after it is left for up to an hour leaving beautiful glowing skin.  The amino acids in the oats help to heal blemishes and repair damaged skin, they also have great moisturising, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Raw honey is very antibacterial so together with the oats they’ll help to relieve tired, inflamed skin and combat any blemishes or spots. The banana adds an array of skin boosting vitamins including vitamins A and E which are important for beautiful skin. Click here to find out more.

10. Diy Anti Acne Mask


This mask had me sold as soon as I saw it contained cinnamon. I have never thought about using it in a face mask but how amazing would this mask smell! Cinnamon reduces inflammation, redness, and works to kill acne by drying out the affected area. Also containing honey and lemon this mask is sure to be a winner. The mask can be kept for up to a week in the fridge and can be use 2-3 times a week. Click here to read more.



6 Yogurt Cup Kids Crafts

Here are 6 yogurt cup kids crafts which will put to use any yogurt lovers supply of yogurt cups. Using them to grow seedlings or to make mini storage containers is fun but we think that these ideas below look like MUCH more fun! Which project will you start with first?

6 Yogurt Cut Kids Crafts

yogurt cup kids crafts

1. Yogurt Pot Frog


This yogurt pot frog is super cute and fairly simple to make. Make a few for a fun frog family. Click here to find the instructions.

2. DIY Cup & Ball Game


Did you play with these when you were a child? So much fun! Now you can double the fun. First, they can make the game then they can play it. PSBparents has the tutorial as well as a video showing how to make this yogurt cup and ball games.

3. Yogurt Pot Felt Animals


These yogurt pot felt animals are very adorable. Perfect yogurt pot craft for older kids or the younger child could help out with the gluing. Click here for the dog tutorial.

4. Yogurt Pot Snake Puppet


Aplha Mom designed this yogurt pot snake puppet for the Chinese New Year but we think it would make a fun toy for anytime of the year. Children will love adding the glitter to this snake and have fun making him wriggle once he is finished.

5. Grass Head Monster


The kids will love watching this monsters hair grow! Decorate the yogurt pot to add to the crafting fun. Follow this link to find the tutorial.

6. Yogurt Pot Train


Sure to keep any train-loving child happy. This train could also be decorated in all sorts of different things, paper, tape, felt or stickers perhaps. All of the details can be found at Mum Of Three Musketeers.

Create a Carved Wood Effect with Furniture Stencils and Wood Icing

Royal Studios have put together video to show you how easily create a Carved Wood Effect using one of their stencils. Creating carved effect is as simple as icing a cake. This is an easy way to bring a great looking piece into your home.

7 diy Mason Jar Vases

Sure you could just fill your mason jar up with water and call it a vase but why not turn them into something a little more special and exciting. These 7 diy mason jar vases do just that, turn any jar into something beautiful for your house.

1. Diy Glitter Vase


These vases are stunning! I love the bronze glitter half vase look. Match the color glitter you use to the rest of your home color scheme for a very trendy look. The Sweetest Occasion has all of the details to make these diy mason jar vases.

2. Diy Mason Jar Hanging Garden


This fantastic mason jar hanging garden vases doubles as wall art. This is sure to be a talking point with all of your visitors. Click here for the full tutorial.

3. Pretty Lace Mason Jar Vases


Perfect for a wedding centerpiece and equally delightful to have on display at home. A simple yet elegant way to upcycle your mason jars.Head over to Something Turquoise for all of the details.

4. Mason Jars Turned Vintage- Decor Vases


I absolutely adore these diy mason jars turned vintage- decor vases! Pink and blue would also look amazing and perfect for displaying flowers for a baby shower. Martha Stewart has the direction for these vases.

5. Mondrian Inspired Mason Jar Vase


For anyone wondering what Mondrian is, it isn’t a what but a who- Mondrian was a Dutch painter. This vase looks much more complicated than it actually is. Click here for the full tutorial.

6. Diy Sock Vase


Check out these cuties! Such a simple idea to jazz up your mason jar or any other vase that is in need of an update. Follow this link to find out how to make these sock vases.

7. Silhouette Mason Jar Vases


This deer silhouette mason jar vase is so cool. You can choose any silhouette you desire when making these fantastic vases. Learn how here.



8 DIY Bottle Cap Crafts

Whenever I pop a bottle I have wondered what I could make out of the caps rather than recycling them. So today we have found 8 DIY bottle cap crafts. These crafts will suit everyone from beginners and children to people looking for a big project. So save up your bottle caps and get creating!

8 DIY Bottle Cap Crafts

8 DIY bottle cap crafts

1. Bottle Cap Flower


Such a fantastic way to brighten up your garden! This is a simple DIY project which looks amazing. Head over to the experimental crafter to find the tutorial.

2.  Cute Bottle Cap Hairclip

Microsoft Word - hellokittybow.docx

This cute DIY hair clip is sure to brighten any little girls day. A Hello Kitty sticker is the feature picture but you can use any favorite stickers to personalize these hair clips. Follow this link for the tutorial.

3. Diy Bottle Cap Necklace


I just adore these necklaces! They would make lovely gifts as well as being a fun craft project to do with the kids. Mix it up by using different colors and shapes. This is one craft project that will suit a wide range of ages. Click here to find the instructions.

4. Bottle Cap Garland


This DIY bottle cap garland is so simple and will and a touch of quirky fun to any party. To find out more about this summertime party must follow this link.

5. Easy Bottle Cap Bookmarks


These DIY bottle cap bookmarks are quick and easy to make. The perfect gift project for children to make for a loved one. Any book lover would appreciate one of these fabulous bookmarks. Click here for the full tutorial.

6. Bottle Cap Magnets


A quick, easy and quirky way to use your bottle caps. These are great if you happen to have some bottle caps with some cool designs on or paint over or decorate them for added crafting fun. Instructables have all of the details here.

7. Bottle Cap Wind Chime


Making a wind chime is such a fun activity to do with children and they will adore watching in in the breeze once it is hanging outside. Click here for the full tutorial.

8. Funky Side Table


If you are looking for a big bottle cap DIY project then this could be the one for you. Not a quick project but one that turns your boring old table into something funky and like new again! All of the details can be found over at My So Called Crafty Life.

Other Upcycling Project

7 Monster Coloring Links For Young Children

My youngest daughter is really into monsters at the moment. Because of her love for monsters I have decided to bring some monster coloring pages along to our next holiday which will include 4 different families. With all of those kids I will need to print quite a few so I have been on the hunt for as many good monster coloring links for young children as possible! I have found 7 monster coloring links for young children which will be certain to keep any monster loving child entertained.

1. 40 Cute Monsters



AZ Coloring has 40 cute monsters for lots of coloring in fun.

2. Alphabet Monsters


M is for Monster! Great to help your little monster learn the alphabet. Head over to education.com to check out all of the other alphabet monsters.

3. Moshi Monsters


Mom Junction has 25 top Moshi Monsters for your little one to color in. Moshi Monsters are totally adorable!

4. Add My Eyes Monster Coloring Sheet


This one is the ultimate of monster coloring fun! Add eyes and color in these monsters, great to get the creativity flowing! Click here for the free printable.

5. 3 Monster Coloring Pages


Pop over to kids activity blog to get these adorable monster coloring pages.

6. Print Or Play Monsters


TheColor.com has a huge range of different monsters which you can either print out or color online. These monsters all come with their own names which adds to the fun especially if your child has a monster with the same name as theirs! A great range of monsters, some to suit younger children and some more scary monsters for the older child.

7. Monsters And Aliens


Click here to find 19 monster and alien printable coloring pages. Have fun trying to figure out which are aliens and which are monsters!