Take part in a reading challenge or complete a reading log for fun with our free Printable Reading Log & Book Review printables. Once you have logged your books, pick a book to review and complete the book review printable. There is even a fun drawing section that kids are sure to love. These printables are perfect for school-aged children and will help to make reading even more fun!

Printable Reading Log & Book Review

Head to the library and select a range of inviting books and each day fill in the reading record. Older children who are reading longer books might like to include the date range the book was read over. If there is a particularly interesting book then complete the book review printable for that book.

Have a look at Our Top Books For Kids Ages 3-7 if you are doing this with young children. Young children will need some help with this activity but will still enjoy adding in a smiley face and drawing a picture about the book.

To print these printables out simply click the link under the final image or download to save for later use. Included is a green Reading Challenge printable.

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