14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

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If you are wanting to serve up some food in style then it is hard to go past a charcuterie/ grazing board. They always look amazing, offer a great variety of food, and easy to set up which makes them perfect for any event, special occasion, or for a special treat at home.

Traditionally a charcuterie board is made up of cured meat and cheese (charcuterie meaning cooked, processed, or cured cold meats and meat products), however, there has been a move towards charcuterie boards using a wide range of different ingredients often not meat-related. This round-up of 14 creative charcuterie/ grazing boards features a variety of different, amazing, creative, and totally drool-worthy charcuterie boards. From the more traditional to breakfast boards and even a hot chocolate board, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration so you too can make a perfect and creative charcuterie board.

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

A charcuterie board is perfect for pretty much every occasion! If you have a gathering of people then pop some tasty foods together and serve up a treat that people will want to eat. You don’t even need people to enjoy a charcuterie board, make a board for one, and have the ultimate night in.

We thought about listing all of these 14 creative charcuterie boards in categories, vegetarian, breakfast, etc. but then I realized that you can take inspiration from them all to make a board that suits your needs. Who is to say a breakfast board wouldn’t be perfect for a party or a vegetarian board couldn’t be eaten for breakfast?! No matter your reason for making up a charcuterie board I hope you find some inspiration from this round-up today.

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Top Tips

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards. Top Tips.

This is your ultimate guide to creating the perfect grazing board, including recipes and step-by-step photos. This is a must-read before you embark on any charcuterie boards. Chef Not Required explains all of the basics that you need to know to create a successful charcuterie/ grazing board.

1. Pancake Board

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards. Pancake.

Make your next pancake breakfast an interactive centerpiece of your table! Everyone will love creating AND eating their own pancake experience. Color them to match the holiday or theme, or keep them simple – the choice is yours. This pancake board isn’t just for breakfast, have it as a special treat for any meal! Head over to the Sum Of All Sweets to find out how to create your own pancake board.

2. Vegetarian Hummus Charcuterie Board

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

Entertaining is made simple with this Vegetarian Charcuterie Board highlighted with three delicious hummus variations: Lemon Dill, Kalamata Olive Tapenade, and Roasted Poblano Pepper. These hummuses are the perfect way to amp up a simple vegetarian charcuterie board. Get the recipes over at Ericas Recipes.

3. Kids Charcuterie Board

Kids Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Board

A Kids Charcuterie Board is perfect for how most kids eat anyway – grabbing a little bite at a time while playing! So why not cater to that and make a little snack board that they can graze on for dinner? This is especially helpful at a party where the kids would rather be playing than eating. Mom’s Dinner has all the info on how to create a kids’ charcuterie board.

4. Easy Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Breakfast Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

This breakfast board is so easy to make! It is easy to completely veganize it with includes recipes so all can enjoy! A great alternative to the first featured pancake board, this time with a focus on fruit and a great section that suggests other breakfast items to add. Find out more over at Wow It’s Veggie?!

5. Autumn Cheese Board

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

Keep entertaining easy with a beautiful Vegetarian Autumn Cheese Board filled with a variety of fresh fruit, crackers, dips, and cheese. Ready in just minutes, pair a selection of cheeses with a few of your favorite wines, and get the party started! Find out more over at The Forked Spoon.

6. Ice Cream Sundae Board

Ice cream sundae Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

Move over meat and cheese! This Ice Cream Sundae Charcuterie Board is perfect for a special night at home or a get-together. The best part is it’s customizable and perfect for kids and adults! Kim & Kalee have all the details so you can make an amazing ice cream sundae board.

7. Keto Charcuterie Board

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

Charcuterie boards are not only visually stunning, but they are perfect if you are after some delicious keto party foods. The beauty of a well-made charcuterie plate is that there are no rules. You can literally add Carnivore Snax or any low-carb snacks that you want. Peace Love And Low Carb have all the info on how to make a keto-friendly charcuterie board.

8. Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board

Hot chocolate Charcuterie/ Grazing Board

With more of us staying in, why not plan a movie night at home with your family and create a Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board to kick off the night? It’s really easy and so much fun to put together! Another great board from Kim & Kalee.

9. Ultimate Vegan Grazing Board

Vegan Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

This colorful fall-themed vegan appetizer platter features almond cheese, three types of hummus, and all the seasonal goodness you can imagine from figs to winter squash and crunchy pecans. Totally customizable to your needs, this ultimate snack board is sure to wow your guests with only minimal preparation time! Head over to Nutriciously to find out more.

10. Christmas Charcutarie Board

Christmas Charcuterie/ Grazing Board

Make a 15-minute Christmas Charcuterie Board for kids this Christmas season. Follow the template or use your favorite red, white, and green fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and candies. This is one stunning charcuterie board that adults will struggle to leave for the kids! All the details are over at Tasty Oven.

11. Soup Topping Charcuterie

Soup Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

Soup toppings charcuterie board…Is that a thing? Yep, it sure is! What a fun way to display all those yummy toppings whether you’re hosting friends or you want to wow your family for the night. This is such a great way to customize soup! Head over to Healthy With A Chance Of Sprinkles to find out more and to get the yummy soup recipe.

12. Southern Inspired Charcuterie Board with Black Eyed Pea Salsa

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

Southern Inspired Charcuterie with Black Eyed Pea Salsa features crowd-pleasing Southern favorites both sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy for care-free evening entertaining. This is a lovely charcuterie board with a great variety of flavors that will keep everyone happy. Visit Call Me PMC to find out more.

13. Pretzel Board

Pretzel Charcuterie/ Grazing Board

It doesn’t get much more creative than this amazing pretzel charcuterie board! A no-fuss party starter, this giant pretzel filled with meats and cheeses provides endless grazing and is always a crowd-pleaser. It’s a nice twist on a classic charcuterie board. Another great charcuterie board from Call Me PMC.

14. Personal Charcuterie Boards 

14 Creative Charcuterie/ Grazing Boards

There is no need to share with these cute mini individual charcuterie boards! Perfect for one and you could even make them different to keep all of the guests with their individual tastes happy. Find out more over at The Suburban Soapbox.

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