how to draw a kangaroo

How To Draw A Kangaroo

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Learn to draw a kangaroo with this cute printable from Little Passports! Perfect for young children, this worksheet combines art practice with animal facts to introduce your young one to the wonderful kangaroo. Little Passports has more fun learning activities to keep kids engaged and exercising their creative muscles!

How To Draw A Kangaroo

Today we are excited to share with you a fun drawing printable from Little Passports! The kangaroo is great to draw if you are studying animals from Australia or just because you love all animals and want to improve your drawing skills. This has to be one of the most loved Australian animals and it is easy to draw!

This kangaroo drawing tutorial is easy to follow so you are certain to have great drawing success. You can even print or save the step-by-step drawing tutorial below.

To draw your kangaroo start with four circles, connect them up with curved lines, and then add ovals for paws and feet. Add curvy lines for the arms and legs before adding on pointy ears and a long tail. Finally, add an eye and nose and draw over the lines while adding in some zig-zag details.

Fun Kangaroo Facts

Kangaroos are a very interesting native Australian mammal. They live in the wild up to around 23 years. Weighing around 90kg and growing to be over 2m in height they are height and weight of some adults. You wouldn’t want to have a race with a kangaroo as they can travel as fast as 56km/h!

Kangaroos live in small groups called troops/herds/mobs which are typically made up of 50 or more animals. Female kangaroos have a pouch on the front of their bodies where the baby joey lives while it is young. Kangaroos are herbivores and eat grasses, flowers, leaves, ferns, moss, and even insects. Maybe you could add some grass and flowers to your kangaroo drawing!

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Thanks for stopping by. We hope you had fun drawing your kangaroo today!

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