Quick Playdough Recipe

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There are lots of different playdough recipes out there but this quick playdough recipe works well every time. It doesn’t require many ingredients and is quick and easy to make. There really isn’t anything bad about this quick playdough recipe!

My girls love adding the dry ingredients and then watching me stir in the boiling water, seeing the color transform the dough. I then give them the dough for the final kneading process. I normally divide this recipe in half, making it in two bowls so we end out with two different colors.

Quick Playdough Recipe

Now updated with printable recipe.

Quick Playdough recipe

Mostly when you want playdough you want it quickly. As parents of young children, we don’t want to be messing around with multiple steps or hard to come by ingredients. This is why in our home we use this recipe. It is so quick and easy that the kids can even help!

Playdough base

This quick playdough uses a base of just four ingredients. Flour, vegetable oil, salt, and boiling water. It also contains cream of tatar which helps to create softer playdough while also helping to preserve the playdough so it lasts longer. If you don’t have the cream of tatar the playdough will still mix up fine and the salt will help to preserve the dough for quite some time. Sometimes we add some lemon juice as a substitute to the cream of tatar, it isn’t quite the same but little hands know no difference.

The flour, vegetable oil, salt, and cream of tatar is added before the boiling water is poured over. Children can take part in measuring the ingredients and after the adult pours the water and gives it the initial stir they can also help with additional stirs and kneading once the dough has cooled.

Adding extras

Once the playdough has been kneaded and you are happy with the consistency it is time to add any fun extras. Food coloring, glitter, and essential oils for scent can all be added. Rosemary or lavender can even be added to create textured playdough. If your child is likely to taste the playdough avoid adding glitter or essential oils!

play dough

Set Up and Play

You now have some lovely playdough which will keep the kids occupied for a good long time.

Our girls are at the ages where they LOVE cut up straws and little wooden sticks to stick into the play dough. We have spent many hours making cute playdough monsters by adding on googly eyes. Lots of fun for all ages!

child playing with playdough

Think about what your children may like. Have a look through your craft box or go exploring outside. Consider stamps or press leaves into the dough and see if they leave a print.

Roll into little balls and count them or make it into worms. Lots of fun and learning is involved when playing with playdough!

Make sure you store your playdough in an airtight container to ensure it lasts for many playdough sessions.

quick play dough

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