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DIY Playdough Monster Play

If you are looking for a fun activity to keep your kids busy with this then you can’t go past this DIY playdough monster play! This is a reusable low-cost activity that kids of all ages will love. Kids get to be creative in a fun way where there is no wrong or right, it doesn’t get much better than that! From making the playdough to building monsters this is a great interactive kids activity that is perfect for Halloween or any other time of the year.

DIY Playdough Monster Play

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I love activities that are simple to set up, low cost, can be done fairly independently, AND keep our girls busy. As our girls are getting older it is becoming easier to tick all of those boxes but even when they were younger this was one activity that accomplished all of that. Believe me, it is disappointing when you have spent money and dedicated quite a bit of time to set up an activity that provides only a few minutes of entertainment! Even if your little one doesn’t want to play with this set up right here and now, it is simple to pop it away to bring out later.

You Will Need

The great thing about this activity is that you can just use whatever you happen to have in your craft box. We have listed suggested items but you can use and many or as few of these items.

Just a little reminder to supervise young children with small items!

  • Playdough– This recipe is quick and easy to make.
Items for eyes, such as…
Items for arms, hair and extra monster body bits, such as…

Let’s Get Creating

Start by making up the playdough. You can use our recipe (listed above) or another favorite recipe. We separated our playdough into individual balls and added color. Miss 6 wanted two different colors while Miss 8 opted for mint green. I also selected two different colors for “myself” that I gave to the girls once I felt that they would benefit from something new added to their play.

Children can get involved with the mixing and kneading of the playdough. This stage is almost as fun as building the monsters!

Set Up The Tray

Before you begin to create your monsters set up a crafting tray. If you don’t have a dedicated crafting tray you could use individual bowls or just put each craft item into separate piles on the table. We like to separate the items as it makes it simpler to see and to create without rummaging through a big pile of different items.

Create A Monster

Even out the playdough and get creating. Your monster can be made however you like. We enjoyed rolling the playdough into balls and then adding on the eyes and extra details. I have seen some lovely flat monsters. The great thing about monsters is that they all look so different so you can be truly creative!

Other Activities To Enjoy

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoyed this DIY playdough monster play activity today!

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