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Sew A Felt Ghost Softie

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This sew a felt ghost softie is the perfect first sewing project. We have kept this felt ghost softie as simple as possible by not adding on to much detail in the pattern but it is also easy to add more ghosty details for more experienced sewers such as the ghost pouch holding a little baby ghost. With a little practice budding sewers will be creating a whole family of these adorable ghosts in next to no time. Let’s ger sewing!

Sew A Felt Ghost Softie

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Miss 8 came home from school the other day with much excitement telling me all about her Friday passion project topic that she had picked to do with her best friend. You can probably guess it, sewing! The original sewing project she wanted to do was these Sew DIY Stacking Felt Pigs that we made recently. While they are not overly complicated I thought they could be a little advanced for the girls as Miss 8 would be teaching her friend how to sew and she would require some guidance herself on that particular sewing project. Their lovely teacher also has an entire classroom of children to help so while she would help the girls it would be a much more successful classroom activity if it was something they could largely make without help. I remembered a couple of years back she made a little ghost by herself so we decided to use this idea to make up a simple pattern that she could use with her friend at school.

It is a very simple project making it ideal for children that are just learning to sew or ones that have been sewing for a while and want to be able to make something without much help. We have made this ghost felt softie sewing project by using whipstitch. A whipstitch is sewn by looping the thread over the edge of the felt and pulling through, basically going in a round and round and round motion. If sewing on the face details or adding a pouch then use running stitch. Running stitch is a very basic stitch where you simply go up and down in one direction through the pieces of felt that you are wanting to sew together.

If you would like more details on the different stitches we have links to tutorials on both our, Sew A Felt Whale and our Sew A Felt Narwhal tutorials.

In the tutorial we glue on the eyes and mouth and any other face details. If you are wanting to sew these on then this needs to be done BEFORE sewing the two ghost pieces together. When gluing we add these pieces after.

Materials Needed

The Printable

Print out the printable below. You can make it smaller or larger to get the ghost size you are after. We have made it a size that is larger enough that is isn’t super fiddly but small enough that kids shouldn’t get bored before the ghost has been completed. The eyes and mouth can be used as a guide, simply cut them to the size you want for your ghost. The pouch hasn’t been included but can be made simply by cutting a square or half circle to fit on the ghosts body.

Let’s Get Sewing

Gather all of the supplies listed under Materials Needed. Decide on the style of ghost you want to make and cut out the pieces required. Cut the pieces out of the felt. The simplest way to cut out the pieces is to pin the pattern onto the felt and cut around this. You will need x2 body pieces and any face details. I normally fold a piece of felt in half and cut the two body pieces together however Miss 8 struggles to cut through the doubled felt so she cuts her pieces separately. This works fine but make sure you place the two pieces together before sewing and trim so they match as it is much more difficult sewing pieces of felt together that do not match up correctly.

Adding a pouch? Sewing on the face?

If you are adding a pouch for a baby ghost then cut out a half circle or square and sew this on to the front ghost piece before you sew the ghost together. Use running stitch (up and down through the two pieces of felt) and make sure the top of the pouch is left open so your wee ghost baby has a cozy place to live. If you are going to sew on the eyes or other face details then do this now. If gluing wait until you have sewed your ghost body together and glue after.

Sew The Ghost

Place the two ghost pieces together and sew around the edge using whip stitch or another favorite stitch. Don’t sew all the way around as you need to be able to fill your ghost with stuffing. Once the ghost has been filled with stuffing or felt scraps continue on with the sewing until you have gone around the entire ghost edge.

Add any face details by using a little fabric glue. If you have made a pouch, make sure to cut out a little baby ghost from the felt scraps and glue on two little eyes.

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